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Deal of the day

You were able to get a package deal on a plane ticket and rental car. You booked the day at the beach and already purchased a family special package to the local amusement park. You’ve even set up kennel care for the pups at home and arranged for someone to collect your mail on a daily basis. You just have one step to take. You haven’t yet booked the hotel.
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The reasons are pretty straightforward. Finding the right price in the right location is a tricky process, and a poor choice on your end could ruin the whole trip. You want to be close to the center, but not so close that the kids can’t sleep. Your wife has requested that you are close to the beach. Your sister has asked that you get a hotel that has sufficient room for the whole family, meaning she wants her own room. In short, the pressure of this last decision has become such a daunting process that you have been putting it off for weeks. You have procrastinated to the point of crunch time. In fact, you have exactly four days before touchdown.Lucky for you, there is an emergency option.

Book Now and Save at is an extensive international website with the most comprehensive list of hotels that I have ever seen. Searching is fast, simple and easy. Just type in the name of the city, place of interest, hotel name, address, or postal code and watch as an extensive list of options pops up.

Cash Back Coupon!

Cash Back Coupon!

Hotel options display prices clearly and decision making is made easier by customer reviews and star ratings. All previous customers of the hotels have the option of leaving additional comments justifying their numerical ratings. I find this particularly helpful given that the comments often times go into more details which greatly helps in the decision making Book a cheap getaway today! Find great hotel deals for $99 or less. I find that when influencing your choices on customer reviews it’s always good to keep in mind that you are reading another person’s opinion. If you read a review with a three stars insisting that customer service was horrid, but you see that all of the other surrounding reviews gave five stars from customer service, it’s probably fair to deduce that this person’s experience was an outlier. The same can be said of someone giving a five star review when all proceeding reviews were listed in the two or three star range. It’s justifiable to assume that this particular customer had very low expectations.

Last minute Deal

Last minute Deal also offers some incentives for booking through them when you create a free account. For starters, guests who book via Book Now and Save at for 10 reservations are eligible for an eleventh night free. Furthermore, they provide a guarantee regarding their prices. In short, they guarantee the lowest rates. If you find a lower price, just contact customer service and provide them with the information and they will help you either cancel your reservation or refund the difference. They also guarantee secure reservations. Meaning that they don’t charge you if you should for any reason have to cancel your reservation. They understand that life happens and things come up.

Perhaps my favorite incentive, yes, even more than a free night in my hotel of choice, is the option to call and talk to a real person. I enjoy the convenience of being able to book online, but sometimes I still have some unanswered questions. I hate when I am forced to call a call center with concerns and am directed to a touch tone system that then directs me to automated generalized responses or a voicemail inbox. At, they pride themselves on offering superior customer service. They understand that not every issue is the same and that if you wanted a generalized response you would be answering the questions yourself via their website. That is why when you call customer service, you are directed to a live representative.

Something interesting about the website is that it is international, as I said. This means a few things. First of all, I find it to be the most comprehensive list of hotels worldwide that I have ever encountered. They have hotels listed for everything from major American cities to rural villages in South America. Furthermore, the website will automatically redirect you depending on which country you are in. In The United States, it is, in Canada Book Now and Save at, and in Peru it’s You have the option of changing the language at the top of the page, as well as changing the country via the drop down box in the top left hand corner. The little flag displaying nationality can be selected, and a drop down menu will appear.

I find that this aspect of the website makes it the most practical for international travelers. Whether it is for business, school, or a family vacation, operates on an international level offering you practical rewards that extend across political boarders.

So let me share my brief success story with you. I feel that it is the horror stories that take pages and pages to relay. It is my utmost pleasure to inform you that I have no such story. A friend of mine advised me to book through as opposed to the multiple other websites that I had been trial running from trip to trip.

I was planning a trip to a small town outside of Richmond, Virginia It was supposed to be a romantic get-away for myself and my boyfriend and I wanted the location to be perfect. It wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to plan since I didn’t know anyone directly from the little town. I had only heard from a friend who had visited years prior that it was the perfect location for such a retreat. There weren’t many hotels in the town, but customer reviews made it easy to choose from the few existing options. Furthermore, I did cross check prices and was able to confirm that they were, in fact, getting me the best possible rate. In the end, I arrived, checked in, and was extremely pleased with both the price and my Canada: 4 Star Hotels in New York, NY from C$134! Check out these last minute deals today!

I have since then offered the website as an option to family and friend who are looking to plan an upcoming trip. Even if you have another website that you frequent for your dwelling needs, I would encourage you to check into a few things. Consider if the website that you are using has as comprehensive of a list as Honestly, if the answer is yes, I will be shocked and awed. Lastly, crosscheck the prices for peace of mind. It never hurts to be sure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck.

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