Reasons to Stay in a Hostel

7 Reasons to Book a Hostel or Reasons to Stay in a Hostel

When putting together a trip, finding accommodation can not only be a daunting task, but when booked, it can eat up a significant portion of your travel budget. Travelers often feel like they have to face the dilemma of having to choose cost efficiency over luxury and comfort. It’s time to bid this dilemma adieu, and broaden your accommodation horizons. Hosteling is not only a cost efficient way to find a home away from home, but it also provides a plethora of unique experiences that you otherwise might not have in a regular hotel. So if you’re sitting on the fence about whether to book a hostel/a hotel or Reasons to Stay in a Hostel, let’s see if we can’t convince you to take the road less traveled!


Cost Efficient

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Let’s face it, if money was no object, most of us wouldn’t hesitate to book ourselves into  five star hotels wherever we went. And who doesn’t love the idea of champagne and caviar being delivered to your penthouse suite at the Raffles in Singapore? That’s all well and fine, but the numbers don’t lie, and your bank account doesn’t exactly have room for the Raffles. Besides, one get get bored of all that opulence, and no one likes paying exorbitantly for anything, let alone a place to rest your weary head after a long day’s travel. Hostels can cost 50-80% less than the average luxury hotel, freeing up extra funds for what’s really important like taking tours, bargaining for trinkets, or eating at amazing restaurants. There’s no need to pay for extra’s you probably won’t use anyway, so get more for your money, save your pennies for fun things, and sleep in perfect comfort.


You Can’t Beat the Locale


Everyone knows that the closer to a city center you want to stay, the higher the premium you’re going to pay to be closer to all the action. Location is everything when you’re on a budget. Staying in a moderate hotel outside the city limits may seem like a good way to stay on budget, but you’ll end up spending a pretty penny trying to get into town to see the sights everyday. Though hostel rates in city centers can be more expensive than those located further away, their value for money can’t be beat, and you’ll still be paying significantly less than you would if you paid for a pricey hotel.


The Best Tourist Information


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A hotel concierge can definitely be informative, but a hostel manager can provide a treasure trove of hints and pointers when it comes to navigating your way around town. Not only are hostel workers knowledgeable about the local area, but because they regularly converse with backpackers and the budget conscious, they’re constantly on the look-out for bargains to pass onto their guests. A good hostel provides you with an affordable and comfortable place to lay your head every night, but a great hostel ensures that your experience is unforgettable, and that includes experiencing everything the local area has on offer at the best possible prices.


Meet & Greet 


Hotels have stuffy board rooms and impersonal breakfast rooms, whereas hostels are all about the boisterous common areas. The common areas are an absolute freeway of activity and whether you’re traveling solo or with a gaggle of friends, one of the easiest ways to figure out what’s hot and not in the area is to have a chat with your fellow hostel goers. Hostels are a meeting place for like-minded travelers. So take the opportunity to swap travel stories, warn each other about possible scams in the area, and pick up any tips you can on how to get to your next destination. Budget-minded travelers are in the business of experiencing as much as they can, and luckily, sharing their experiences with you are all part and parcel of the greater travel experience.


You’ll Never Be Bored


How many times have

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you stepped off the elevator and strolled into the hotel lobby to find something of note going on? Probably not very often. Most hostels are a buzz of activity most hours of the day. From pub crawls, to game nights, to mixers, hostel nightlife is anything but boring, so if you’re someone who likes to be constantly entertained, especially around an interesting group of people, forget a hotel, opt for a far more affordable, more memorable experience.


There is a Site Dedicated Solely to the Hostel Experience 


Slugging through with what seems like a million and one booking engines out there, how does one decide to choose one website over another? Well when a company has 27,000 properties on offer in 180 countries, that certainly isn’t something to sneeze at.  Having booked over sixty different hostels through Hostel World myself, and being the budget conscious jet-setter that I am, having thousands of low-cost properties at my finger tips is an attractive notion. Looking at the all the technical bits, Hostel World’s user interface is bright, inviting, and completely user-friendly. Search for a hostel by country, city, or by the name of a property and voila! From Albania to Zimbabwe, you can narrow your search down further by price, review percentage and availability, making it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for in mere moments.



Hostel Ratings Are Reliable 


Just about ever property on the site has a rating, and those that don’t have a rating are usually because they are either new to Hostel World or brand new properties. Do yourself a favour, before you blindly book yourself into a property with a rating in the high nineties, read the reviews carefully. Not everyone places the importance on the same features of a property that you might, so get a good overview by reading all of them. Focus on what’s important to you, and what will enhance your experience. If emphasizes the fantastic common kitchen, and you plan on eating all your meals out, think about what your needs are. In my experience, the ratings have almost always been spot on. Hostel goers understand the importance of providing accurate ratings and hostel managers are committed to ensuring their ratings remain high to keep business coming.

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