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During my vacation, renting cars became a problem both because of the price and the planning it took. A friend recommended me to several sites for my next trip, and stood out as the clear winner. Plenty of sites had the same wide selection for Rent a car, but had the best prices and a few specials that’d make trips worth waiting. I looked over their sites and terms of business, and talked with a helpful sales associate. After that, I was sold.

The sales associate helped me to find what I wanted within my price budget and also gave me a few helpful tips on top of that. He pointed me towards a few Rewards plans, which I was at first wary about. But there were countless other specials available. But just as helpful was the easy-to-use interface in the site. A person can search by time, city, place, supplier, just as easily as renting a bus. covers airports all across the world, making  trips from one airport to the other a painless, one-way process.

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The best thing about this site is its no-hassle process. I didn’t have to go through a bunch of forms, calls and hidden fees. has a guarantee to be able to prepare a car within an hour of your order. I took some time looking over the coverage and insurance. They were clear and well worded. My inspection of the car showed it was in top-notch shape with no scratches or dents. I ordered the car and it was waiting for me at the airport. doesn’t lack for some solid suppliers. They are partnered with Ace, Advantage, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, E-Z, Enterprise, Europcar, Fox, Hertz, and more. Their partners regularly offer special offers particularly on economy cars. This week the Weekend Deal is a Hertz economy car, for $14.99/day.

The site has an eco-friendly Green Traveller Collection. I went with a more familiar brand, a Nissan Maxima as my first choice. It had radio, central locking, power brakes, steering and windows. It had enough room for my three companions, with enough room in the back and trunk to squeeze our luggage. There was a small, optional collision fee I could purchase to lessen any payment for damage either by vandalism or environment, but it ran without a hitch. I’ve since tried a few other suppliers, but none have responded so quickly or fixed me up with the perfect car so smoothly as this site. It’s the one that stood out the most, since it was the one I noticed the least. Signing up with Hertz Gold Plus Rewards has been worth it. I bypass even more of the lines and paperwork at the airport. I plan to take a large group on a trip. It’s good to know that the expense problems won’t include our transportation.



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