Review Of WebJet.Com

Review Of WebJet.Com
My web.jet Experience

The Holiday Season has passed and with it my fondness for having everything covered in snow. As this serious January cold spell sets deep into my bones I shiver turning my thoughts to warm, sunny months. But wait winter has just begun. I calculate odds of the ground hog seeing his shadow this spring and I realize the chance is slim. Oh well, there is always the next big holiday, March break to take the chill out of winter. Dreaming about and planning that yearly March break trip is certain to warm my bones and help to pass this frigid January deep freeze. The white snow, ice and white snow covered in ice promises to last all winter long. This is the norm for a Canadian winter unfortunately this Canadian winter is promising to be colder than the norm.

Now for those of you who haven’t guessed it yet, I am Canadian. And the Canadian trend during March break is to head south for warmer climate. Thus melting off the ice that has set, bone deep. My favorite March break destination is to visit Florida. This happens to be one of the most popular Canadian destinations. I don’t know where or how this tradition originated but I do know it is for sure not one that I have dreamed up on my own. It is a simple fact that during March break people from all over Canada love to travel to a warm sunny climate, usually Florida. Since this is the tradition of many Canadians, Florida books up fast after the Holiday Season and even quicker the closer time gets to March break. That’s why I have always found it necessary to plan and book ahead. Two years ago our time share expired so I have had to search for my own travel accommodations. Last year I stumbled across a fantastic site where I could search and book my flight, hotel and car all in one place – web.jet.

I do hope you get the chance to check it out, I believe it will be worth your while, I know it has been worth it for me and let me tell you why. web.jet is easy to use, simply enter your personal preferences in the particular fields and available bookings pop up with prices clearly displayed. The search options cater to every preference for example if it is a flight you desire. You can enter in your destination, dates, flight preferences, such as round trip, one way, multi-city, economy, premium, business or first class. Which city you care to fly out of and arrive at. Boom there the results will pop up prices included.

Having owned and used a timeshare I can vague for the accommodations listings that I found using web.jet because I have traveled. The star ranking was clearly displayed. I knew exactly the ranking of hotel I was booking and I concurred with the ratings web.jet was providing to me. I have seen these same hotels and resorts from my timeshare catalogue holding the same rankings. So these do concur. Web.jet has made booking my travel destination as easy as shopping for shoes online. They have done all the leg work and given hard work the boot. The best part I booked my March break Florida vacation online, that’s right I didn’t have to go outside in the cold and drive to a travel agent through slushy streets. I liked that I can combine my search to include the hotel, car or all three, flight, hotel and car. I can even buy my travel insurance online sorry CAA. I do find it to be like having a travel agent right at my finger tips without any of the miscommunications because I the one clicking the buttons. Thank you web.jet for making this a fun experience.

Web.jet is truly a one stop shop. Did I mention that in finding me the best rate for my car rental they searched over 800 car rental dealerships? Can you imagine me going to that much effort just to satisfy my stingy bone? I’ll tell you right now my all time limit would have probably been 10 car rental dealerships. There is now way I would have ever made 100 car rental dealership searches to save a few dollars. Web. Jet went that extra mile for me searching 800 car rental dealerships. I am impressed and so was my stingy bone!

On their blog I found fantastic travel advice and current travel news and trends. And just in case I was worried that out of my inexperience of booking my own accomodations web.jet provides me with reassurance that I am not only capable of booking my own vacation but that I am indeed getting the best price. Web.jet provides me with tabs, linking me to the other popular travel sites so that I can compare and price match until match. After all finding the best price leaves me with more cash flow. More cash flow leaves me with more money for other things like Disney World, gift shops and restaurants.

Web.jet is so confident that they will find me the best prices and accomodations that they invite me to shop around. They provide me with valuable advice such as “most travelers price check at least 4 other websites before committing to a deal:. Not only do they recommend shopping around they do the heavy lifting for me by providing me with quick click links to the very websites I should have been searching. I’ll tell you, I do appreciate their honesty. By applying their coshure advice I was provided with cost calculations for multiple airlines.

So I could choose my airline by preference or by price. This is a big deal to me because I hold a personal preference to American Airlines. However if, I were to attain a round trip, non-stop ticket with a differing airline at a discount, well let’s just say its tempting, too tempting to pass up. Did I happen to mention I would be buying four seats? So four times that discount can add up to at least a different dinner out. I just want to everyone to know, how I am calculating costs. To be absolutely clear that by saving money here and there, I also get to my spend money here and there, that I would not otherwise have had. I enjoy multiple restaurant outings. So I know exactly what I am going to do with that extra money, money I now have through shopping around. Thanks to web.jet I am now able to plan my vacation without the use of my timeshare representative, or travel agent, its very liberating for me. I feel like it has been made easy. Vacation shopping is now an enjoyable for me to do.1297628488782608236

Now I don’t know about you but before I buy anything online I read the reviews. The reviews can tell me a lot like how others who have used these services or products have faired. This gives me a clue as to how matters may turn out for me as well. I was reassured by reading the glowing testimonials about web.jet it seems that people who have used their services have had an enjoyable experience. That says great because I want to have an enjoyable experience too. As a previous timeshare owner I can tell you when timeshare owners get together and talk about their experiences it is not always an encouraging conversation, I’ll just say that. I hope you follow up on my recommendation and look up web.jet. My stingy bone feels for everyone and its melting right now as I am dreaming about the March break vacation I just booked online from my warm comfy home.

by, Juanita Cox

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