Road Tripping Through Virginia

Road Tripping Through Virginia

Nothing screams summer like hopping in the car with a good playlist and hitting the open road on the ultimate road trip. If you are looking for the ultimate destination for your summer road trip, look no further than good old Virginia. There are so many things to do and seen, and you can even theme your road trip in Virginia to your specific tastes—that is why they say ‘Virginia is for Lovers’ because there is really something for everyone to love. So gas up the Nissan and get ready to head out onto the highway on your trip.wv1

Roaring Down Route 11

Okay, of course you shouldn’t be ‘roaring’ as in speeding, but Route 11 in Virginia is definitely a great place for a road trip, according to the Virginia state tourism website. This road will take you through what is known as the New River Valley and there will be plenty of quaint towns along the way. Make sure to stop at Radford, New River, Claytor Lake State Park, Draper Mercantille, and Wytheville.

Visit Boxerwood Gardens

A road trip is really about the journey more so than the destination, but who said that the destination couldn’t be a blast as well? If you are taking a family road trip with your kids than you may want to consider making sure you at least stop (if not make the whole point of the trip to go to) at Boxerwood Gardens in Lexington City in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. There are no rules involving don’ts at Boxerwood, only encouragement to have fun. When you take their kids there they will be told that they should make noise, move things around, touch anything, and most importantly get dirty. It will be an amazing time that none of you will be quick to forget. Preparing for Your Road Trip

Of course you probably don’t want to just jump into the car without a plan, so what do you need for a road trip? Your vehicle, gas mileage, space, and comfort play big roles in the success of a road trip, and according to Motor Trend one of the best cars if you are traveling on a road trip with four is the Nissan Versa. You can speak with Nissan dealers in VA about all the great perks this car has to offer making it ideal for a road trip with the family. You will also want to be sure you have snacks and beverages, a GPS or maps, clothes for all types of weather you may encounter, and a planed route of where you are going. Having some simple comforts onhand can really make a long trip much more bearable. It would also be helpful to know in advanced where you will be staying overnight if you will be making stops to sleep.

A road trip is the ultimate summer getaway and can be a great family bonding trip. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your ultimate Virginia road trip today!


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