Silver Falls Road

Silver Falls Trail is one of the classic hiking trails in the Thunder Bay area and is maintained by the Thunder Bay Hiking Association.  The trail follows the Kaministiquia (Kam) River past several small waterfalls up to a lookout over the river valley.

So here we are on the road in Silver Falls Provincial Park,

parking where it becomes dirt. anyways point of today is to explore the area. from the roads, and do a small hike to the actual falls

here we go up the road, looks very good today, a few cars going by

this road leads to a campsite way up on dog lake

anyways on the road here, heading up,

wow looks a nice bridge, very nice

anyways a little information about water falls

Waterfalls are commonly formed in the upper course of a river in steep mountains. Because of their landscape position, many waterfalls occur over bedrock fed by little contributing area, so they are ephemeral and only occur during rainstorms. The further downstream, the more perennial a waterfall can be. It is even possible for waterfalls to occur far downstream due to transient discontinuities in a river’s longitudinal profile caused by climatic changes and anthropogenic activities. Waterfalls can have a wide range of widths and depths, and this diversity is part of what makes them such a charismatic and interesting natural phenomenon. Research into the diversity of natural waterfalls systematics has been carried out in recent years.

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so lots of crazy things going on but its all good.

at the end of the day, one can imagine.

so i am going to check out this spot here, i can see a beach. here i am on a beach, so in the distance you can see the Silver Falls generating station. that is where we will go soon.

looks like someone is parked here, but cant seem to see the people. there is a home on other side of lake, i think you can get to it from another road from other side of the river, worth a trip for another time.

Here we are going up the road.

So at the fork here head left towards the generation station.

down this road we are now at a gate.  looks like no one is here, just one car. so i will head up this one hiking trail,

hmm rocky, now on this trail  i am heading up and it takes to this part of the generation station, here are a few photos of it

now i am heading back to the trail, on the trail, well look its more of a hiking trail. getting hard to bike, so i am hiding bike in the bush and hiking rest of the way down.

ok going through the bush as  you can see is the falls in the distance, looks like a large flow of water, quite cool

here are a few more shots of the falls.

The trail beyond the falls goes into the forest is less worn and leads to a rocky area some people call the “Hoover Dam”.  When the water levels are low you can walk along the rocky edge of the river rather than the forest trail  in may places during this portion.   From here the trail continues at the sharp bend in the river  along a stream and then up the steep ridge leading to the lookout.

Heading back, i got lost for a bit in the bush and went on wrong trail, almost missed my bike too,

so back on the bike and going to explore more of this area.

going up the road a bit is quite hilly. and oh look i ran out of time

so i am going to take a short through the hydro line. looks neat, actually the most fun path i ridden all day.

so this is where i am going to end this ride. just wanted to show you silver Falls in thunder bay area. i hope you enjoy

there you have it folks, another exciting episode of exciting world travels

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