The Sizzling Keurig Experience

The Sizzling Keurig Experience

My association and dependence on Keurig has deepened to the extent, that now it seems almost inconceivable to live without it- or to say, it will be a kind of living called ‘adversity’ in literature. It happened back in year 2010 when I visited my friend’s home in Ontario, there I saw Keurig for the first time.

She knows how much love I do have for coffee and how much I have been in search of a machine that could be only being what ‘Keurig’ is for my company in bulk quantity. She often carded me by saying that in my veins its isn’t blood ,but my whole body is running on ‘Coffee’. While on Skype, she told me that she has something surprising for me and insisted not to ask in detail when I tried to know- because who likes suspense for long.
Formerly, I was using traditio

nal products available in the market to make coffee and for other brewing usage. They were good but just for some time. Despite legion tall claims of quality, there were some who rarely met my expectation and could be measured at the scale of ‘Value for money’.
Anyways, upon my friend’s suggestion, I thought to purchase this machine which had inspired me in its first interaction. Now wherever I am, whether in my office, home or I am travelling abroad for fulfilling my business needs, I use to place it in my luggage on top of my checklist.
Its reliability, technological touch, and user friendliness made me think to go down again on Keurig’s website, which I had visited first, on the time of purchasing it. I thought to explore what else they have on their disposal to offer and certainly for making our lives easier.
Like many of you, I firstly tried to assuage my ecstasy of knowing what does this name Keurig actually means. In [About Us] section of the website, I got to know that the Word ‘Keurig’ is basically of Dutch language, which means ‘Excellence’. As a

history student, I am really admirer of Dutch civilization for they had achieved a greater success and ruled over the South Asia and Indian Sub-Continent.
Free Shipping with a $45 purchase or more

I know, as a businessman that choosing a name for an entity means a lot to an organization. Because it reflects the corporate goal of the company and the wavelength of its image where they are thinking to take their enterprise. I was really happy to know that they chose unique yet inspiring name that fully represent their product in letter and spirit.
For placing some more orders, I got myself registered with the Keurig website, for Keurig Home Brewer and Keurig Work Brewer. And much more blessing, that Keurig offers free Shipping on shopping which exceeds $45. I found Keurig ’s website up-to-date, functioning and very easy to use even for a man who normally hesitates to order on computer. Its eye catching outlook and self-illustrating composition ensures that you reach where you ought to.
I found Keurig’s staff discipl

ined, polite, and attentive to customer’s demands. Normally, calling customer care unit is a cumbersome task. You have to wait for several minutes till their representative catches you, and even more time use to waste in letting them understand that why actually you have called them. I have observed that in most companies, customer care services have been outsourced to some companies who really don’t have any deeper knowledge about the business of their client. But at Keurig, you will find they have an adept knowledge about what business is all about and they also confirm that the job is done by giving a follow-up call.
For saying it’s just a company, but the way Keurig is working it’s just like being human. As they are responsibly contributing their share in ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ too.
I have ordered for home and also have procured Keurig incredible product for my office. I extend my compliments to Keurig Company for being so marvelous in their business.


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