Spa Finder® Wellness review

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Spa Finder® Wellness review

God, so many things have changed and changed again since we last spoke! When I look back, I have no idea how I survived these past few years. It actually did feel like the end of the world. At some point, I believed the whole Mayan story was the truth. It was that hard! My life has been like a roller coaster ride ever since we graduated. Remember John, my high school sweetheart? Yeah, him. We broke up a couple of months after beginning college. It still feels like today, you know. It’s hard to get back on your feet when you have been with the same man for so much time. It’s really hard, but I survived as the song promised.
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If it had been only the breakup (bad as it was), things would have still been kind of okay. But it wasn’t. My college choice was a disaster. My mom remained unemployed, and my dad started driving a cab after his layoff instead of the promotion he’d been expecting. Things didn’t look very bright. I knew I had no other chance but to rise up from dirt by myself. What I didn’t know was the cost. I never would have predicted the nervous wreck I was to become. If you remember me back in the carefree senior year days, you know I was the cheerful-cute girl who made everyone love her. One year later, I was almost forty pounds fatter, and I looked so much older. I was totally stressed out. Two years later, I was sixty-five pounds skinnier. I had to change to make things better.
You remember the winter of our first year of college? I walked almost barefoot I was so broke. I don’t think anyone would guessed, but there I was, unable to sustain myself unless I got a job quick. I got it. And then it ruined my body and my sanity. I started getting bad grades. All I could think of was the fact that John had broken up with me. It went on, and on, and on… The stress of trying to juggle a supposedly part-time job with a demanding school and homework schedule got me in the end. The result? You can see it on Facebook in the photos from that time.

Well, at least I had money. It seemed that no matter how hard it was, I did well at work. And they liked me, somewhat. I guess it was my high IQ. One day, as if from Heaven, I discovered the best way I could recover myself. (Trust me. I was so lost I was about to report myself as a missing person.) The company I worked for gave us some Wellness Gift Cards for Christmas. Of course, at first, I was a skeptic. “Yoga” meant “contortion.” “Spa” was putting expensive mud on my skin. “Fitness” meant getting up from my bed each morning at 6 a.m. Nevertheless, I had to use the certificate, and it was a real revelation to both my body and my spirit! I hadn’t felt this good since high school. I started to thank God for the wonders of Far East culture. Of course, I wanted more! My body craved exercise more than it craved sweets! I wanted to experiment with other spa treatments.Just when I was getting all tensed up about a wellness hunt, I looked at my coupon again and saw the website address. Spa Finder® Wellness seemed to be torn from Heaven and delivered to Earth for stressed-out mortals like me. Imagine my awe at seeing all those wellness options and how they can be brought together in one place. That was it! No more excuses for not feeling good about myself. Thanks to Spa Finder® Wellness, I found the nearest places, so that I avoid the good old “I’m tired.” Also, I found the best services on my relatively small budget. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past year. Spa Finder® Wellness saved my life and motivated me to do more for myself.
I started out with spa treatments and then opened myself to Yoga (ha-ha). I actually realized yoga was a bit more than stretching. It’s all about breath. Once my muscles were ready, Spa Finder® Wellness helped me research the best fitness location and style. I went to a gym, but the crowded space was not a good fit with my stress. Paradoxically, the bootcamp style got rid of my anxiety and my extra weight. I looked marvelous. (Still do.) The biggest satisfaction I had was when I met John. He had called to meet up for a coffee. Hah!
Of course I went to Spa Finder® Wellness, booked the best salon and got all dolled up like never before. John was mesmerized. Hell, I was mesmerized, too! The moment I refused a second cup of coffee with the guy that broke my heart was better than bushels of money, if you can imagine that. “Sorry, I’m busy,” I told him, and, at that moment, I realized how strong I had grown. Spa Finder® Wellness helped me become a young, fearless, beautiful woman. Best thing about refusing John was that I wasn’t even lying. I actually had a date. I’ve finished my schooling and just got a promotion at work. I’ve even started my own Internet business on the side. Life is good.
I know you have been through a lot. That’s why I’m writing you. Do something nice for yourself. Go to Spa Finder® Wellness soon. You can read reviews of the places to help you choose, and no, it won’t cost as much as you think. In the end, it’s the best investment you can make. When you feel good, you look good. When you feel good and look good, gates just open. I just keep walking through them. I truly hope to see you soon. Let’s go to a spa resort. (Yes, we can use Spa Finder® Wellness, ha-ha). Waiting to hear from you!



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