Spectacular Halebid Temples, Glories of Ancient India

Spectacular Halebid Temples, Glories of Ancient India

Halebid, which means the ruined city, is situated in Hassan district of Indian state of Karnataka. It is known for wonderful Hoysala temples as well as Jain shrines which are the symbols of architectural marvels of our country. Initially this city was called Dwarasamudra which became the capital city of Hoysala rulers during twelfth and thirteenth centuries.  However it was completely destroyed since the Delhi Sultanate invaded the city in 1311 and also in 1327.

Today, this city is one of the best tourist spots of the country and consists of multiple attractions namely Hoysaleshwara, Kedareshwara Temple, Shantaleshwara temples and so on. Multiple tourists go to this place to see the majestic temples which represent the rich heritage of India. In fact, students of famous schools of India and abroad, visit Halebid to gather information about the historical details of the temples and carry out research activities.

Special features of Halebid temples:

In this city, the main tourist attraction is the temple of Hoysaleshwara. It was built by the renowned builder Ketamala but it was accredited to the ruler Vishnuvardhana. According to the experts, these temples were named after Vishnuvardhana and his beautiful spouse Shantala.  The entire temple complex of Halebid with these two temples has four main entrances which are elegantly carved with decorative lintels. The external walls of this Hoysaleshwara temple depict wonderful artwork, stunning sculptures and exquisite collectibles. It is the biggest structure of the Hoysala period and it was constructed by Kedaraya, the famous builder of that period.

Besides Hoysaleshwara, other temples too are the real masterpieces. These stone carvings depict the ancient tales of Upanishads, Vedas and other popular religious scriptures. Even the stories of great Indian epics such as Ramayana, Mahabharata are depicted on the walls. Every detail has a story in itself and therefore, a tourist needs few hours to explore the beauty of interior as well as exterior decorations of these temples. From attractive dancers to fighting elephants, one can watch different motifs on walls of the temples.

Kedareshwara temple, constructed by Ballala II, is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has wonderful sculptures and beautiful panel decoration.  The Halebid temples are preserved by ‘Archeological Survey of India’. One can visit the place at any time from October till the month of February.

Another attraction of this place is the Veerabhadra temple that is situated on the south-eastern part of the city. One can find a wonderful Vishnu temple that was rebuilt by famous ruler of Vijayanagara. For reconstruction the Vijanagara kings used old materials. Other popular tourist spots are Parvati as well as Mallikarjuna. Nearly three kilometers south from Halebid, you can find Pushpagiri hill that has a huge pavilion. The huge six feet long statue of the Lord Ranganathan is a special attraction of Ranganatha temple. The statue depicts the birth of Lord Brahma in a lotus at navel. Tourists also find Basad Halli , a beautiful Jain temple located near the temple of Hoysaleshwara. Other famous temples for Jain communtiy are fourteen feet long Parswanathaswamy temple as well as Adinathaswamy.

Best way to reach Halebid

Tourists can reach Halebid via roadways from different cities such as Mangalore, Mysore as well as Bangalore. From Mysore city one can reach the city within two and half hours. One can catch flight or board on train from these three places. Bus, taxis are available from the airports. The only railway station is located at Hassan that is twenty eight kilometers from the Belur town. From the Hassan district, a tourist can even hire taxi and reach the place easily.

Get ready to visit the Halebid to discover the wonders of the beautiful temples.

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