Why St Lucia dominates the Caribbean travel scene

Why St Lucia dominates the Caribbean travel scene

With an estimated 350,000 visitors per year, St Lucia is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean and has one of the largest tourism industries in the region.St-Lucia-Beach

Though it has good reasons to be; St Lucia has miles of golden beaches adjacent to shimmering emerald oceans alongside acres of lush jungle and rainforests. It is a veritable paradise and a jewel in the Caribbean crown.

St Lucia isn’t just one of the most popular tourism islands in the Caribbean through sheer natural luck, either. Some of the island’s attractions include a drive-in volcano, two mountainous peaks called The Pitons, Pigeon Island National Park and Sulphur Springs. All this, along with the island’s favourable climate, means it is a tourism superpower in the Caribbean.

Property in St Lucia

However, it is not just tourists that are flocking to St Lucia’s sandy shores; investors are visiting the island due to some of the property on offer.

Some resorts, such as Freedom Bay, are offering people the opportunity to purchase a long leasehold or freehold on a luxury villa. Investors can use the villa for their own personal use or purchasers can enter into a Rental Programme Agreement where the villa can be rented out to tourists for a fee. Property investment in St Lucia for rental or personal use is becoming big business but with the magnificent harbours and unspoiled rainforests on offer, why would you ever want to leave?

rodney-bay-st-luciaSailing around the harbour is also an option for tourists looking to experience St Lucia from the sea. Visitors can sail to the Anse de Pitons on the west coast of the island, drop anchor and purchase some of the fish and lobster on offer in local markets. A trip to Soufriere Bay can also give tourists a fantastic view of the Pitons, especially when the sun is setting or rising.

Other attractions

If you’re around Soufriere, tourists have the opportunity to visit the Sulfur Springs, a formerly active dome volcano that still bubbles and billows to this day. However, tourists need not fear an eruption; the volcano hasn’t had a major eruption in 40,000 years and a minor one since 1780. As the world’s only drive-in volcano, seeing sulfur billow from the cracks in the caldera is currently an experience unique to St. Lucia. You won’t find this anywhere else!

The Diamond Waterfalls is also a spectacular tourist attraction as visitors can walk through King Louis XIV-commissioned gardens and bathe in the mineral-rich waters of the baths. After feeling revitalised, the subsequent waterfall and nature walk will allow tourists to relax and soak in their surroundings.

Overall, there is a reason why St Lucia dominates the Caribbean travel scene. In fact, there are a number of reasons: the miles of sandy beaches, reefs, bays, coves, mountains and all-year-round sun makes St Lucia an ideal travel destination. In addition, the property on offer in some resorts means St Lucia is a paradise destination for those interested in an extended stay in the Caribbean.

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Written by Freedom Bay (www.freedombaysaintlucia.com). We make owning a piece of paradise in Freedom Bay, St Lucia easy. 

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