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Everyone loves reading about the great explorer and traveler, those who make great discoveries and visit new and exciting places.  Many of us wish we could be more like that. The truth is, we can be more like that and we don’t have to travel to the far side of the globe to do so either.  It starts right in our own home in our own neighborhood.

IMG_8353 StaycationsWith the busy schedules so many of us keep in this day and age, we know very little about own neighborhood and sadly some of us don’t really even know our own family anymore.  Finding time to spend together as a family can be a challenge, despite every desire and effort to do so as much as possible. But you can have fun and explore and experience new and exciting things without having to go very far or spend very much money at all.  And that is a beautiful thing!

One option you have is to find local events that you can visit.  Flea Markets and vary craft shows are wonderful places to explore.  Meet new people, make a new discovery, and find a new interest or hobby that suddenly grabs your attention.  Sometimes there is nothing

IMG_8374 Staycations

more enjoyable than going someplace with lots of people and just sitting and people watching as everyone runs ab

out, lost in their own little world.

Visit the local pool to enjoy some relaxing time in the sun nor going for a refreshing dip.  This is a great opportunity to meet people, sit and talk to old and new friends and neighbors, and work on that tan you lost over the winter break. Other local hot-spots can also be great places to visit, such as the bowling alley, skating rink, or movie theater.

These and other wonderful ideas are just waiting to be tapped into.  So what are you doing?  Take some time off and go have some fun, explore, and make your own new discoveries- right in your own backyard!


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