Stockholm Baltic ferry May 2006

Stockholm Baltic ferry May 2006 Stockholm Travel

Stockholm Baltic ferry May 2006 Today we are up again for another picnic breakfast by the bus. We have another half day in Stockholm till we board our huge ferry later today to get to Helsinki. For today we just wander the city, go to some mall, wander the water front. Give money to some girls who want donations for something, they are good looking so we give them money. lol.

We go for lunch at some Italian Cafe and have beer then go walk around. We meet up at the train station to catch the bus and we are off to leave this beautiful city.1294122_12450336825482_bigthumb Stockholm Baltic ferry May 2006

We get to the port and boarded the Silja Serenade in mid-afternoon for our overnight voyage to Helsinki. The ship is huge and has a casino.

It is almost like a cruise ship with full entertainment. Even has an Elvis in the lobby area.

Go for drinks prior to dinner then dinner starts which is a big buffet of everything and all your can drink wine and pour your own beer.

Fun fun fun, we steal the wine bottles then have a cabin party afterwards with lots of wine.
We learn many things from the Colonel that evening, much i can say about here.
Then off to the Disco and more drinks were one by one members of our contiki group pass out from drinking. To the end many of our group is passed out in their cabins. A great night, off to bed around 4am to get up early for the all you can eat breakfast. Then port of Call into Helsinki, Finland.

Stay tuned.

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