Stress Free Check List 2

Stress Free Check List 2


Prepare Finances

Basically, for me, I put every above inflation pay rise I get in a separate savings account. I also save a set amount that direct debits into the savings account. 

It’s also amazing the stuff you fritter. Making a packed lunch to take to work, rather than buying a sandwich, saves $3 odd a day even after you take into account ingredient costs- $60 a month saved up for the holiday fund. I live in a country where you can drink tap water- $1 a time saved on soda and it’s healthier, maybe $20 towards the trip. Inviting your friends to a movie at your house rather than a night in the pub- even if you still drink alcohol you’re at home and you’ve probably got another $30-$50 in the savings jar, and you haven’t even hurt your social life too much. So if you only did that once a month, that’s $110-$130 savings I’ve just identified, which is a short-medium haul flight saved in two months without major sacrifice. You mentioned snacks on another thread- chocolate in the uk is almost $1 a time, crisps 50p a time, nuts $1 maybe- fruit bought in a supermarket is maybe 20-30p a portion. 

My roommate and I also sit down once every six months and compare utility company rates, once a year to check if we can do better on our mortgage, our TV is about 15 years old, we don’t own a computer game console, we don’t buy designer clothes (and I can mend clothes) and I can cook from real ingredients rather than ready meals.

Overall many ways of doing this. Even take a loan from bank and make sure all credit cards have enough credit just in case

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