Stress Free Check List



DropcamTravelChecklist copy 2

1.       Secure Home – Ways to secure home for travel

-have neighbor watch house
-hire house sitter
-get family member to watch house
-if on long trip, – turn off water, even lower heat if its winter time
– make it looks like someone is home – have lights rotating
-Leave shades and blinds as you usually do.
– leave radios or music on
– get yard work / grass cut
-install home security alarm
-secure all doors and windows- get more high end locks
– arrange for mail to be picked up
– form a neighbourhood watch committee
– don’t advertise your departure on social media
– insure all your belongings
– hide the spare key under the porch
– unplug all appliances just in case of power surges
– keep answering machine in check
– inform trusted family members or neighbours of your return

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