Taquile Island, On Route back to Puno

Taquile Island, On Route back to Puno May 6th, 2009

Today we are off to Taquile Island. Where the men do the knitting and the women do the spinning.

A short trip from our homestay.

Taquile Island, On Route back to PunoWe have pancakes at our home stay then bid our farewells to the family and head off in the slow boat to Taquille island.

At the island we do a good hike up to the town. A very nice picture taking here. good views of Lake Titicaca.

We make it to the down and observe in the shops all the knitting and goods.

Good way to check it all.

This is a short blog.

Then back on the boat back to Puno, for overnight. We go out for dinner after first doing a clothes wash in hotel.
For dinner we go to a nice restaurant and I have chicken stir freys very good.

Then 3 of us go to some pub for a drink of Pisco tea and Coca – Cola.

That is the night there.

Stay tuned for next blog.

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