The Authentic American Kitchenware: Jacob Bromwell

The Authentic American Kitchenware: Jacob Bromwell

Our grandparents may not be totally happy with cookware products that we use today. They may scoff at the machines and other ‘modern era’ cooking tools that we use today in our kitchens. Some of us would just laugh at their name calling and some of us would defend the new era and the new technologies. We buy the new advanced products and with quick ease we throw them away because we know a better and new utensil is out there in the market. However, when we go to our grandparents’ house we will find those age old cooking utensils made out of copper, steel and aluminium in their kitchen cabinets. We think of them as outdated but still consider it to be cute that our grandparents are still using them and we wonder will we ever use our cookware for the next twenty or thirty years. The answer is no.

It is not no because we are spoilt but it is no because products these days don’t last this long. Hence, while looking for authentic cookware that would actually last for a long time I came across Jacob Bromwell. I was tired of getting new cookware products such as garters and shredders that wouldn’t be sharp enough to shred cheese that was frozen and non-stick pans and non-stick cooking sheets which would not be non-stick in the next three years or so. So this time I planned that I would like to invest in what my grandparents would call an authentic cookware. While searching on the internet for the authentic and classic cookware I came across Jacob Bromwell and not surprisingly found out that my grandmother used Jacob Bromwell.

Jacob Bromwell was established in 1819 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jacob Bromwell is the oldest housewares company in USA. This company produces timeless authentic products that are crafted manually for generations to come. Their products are everything that one needs to have for cooking process. They produce cooking, baking and food preparation products. Many of their products’ designs, manufacturing process and materials have remained unchanged. Their products since beginning to the current times are non-electric and have no moving parts. All of the products and tools that are used to make Jacob Bromwell products are officially made in USA with lifetime guarantee.

What makes the products of Jacob Bromwell classic and authentic is their history. Jacob Bromwell dates back to around 200 years. Their products as well as some of their tools are handmade which is why Jacob Bromwell is considered to be one of America’s most treasured kitchenware product manufacturers. Their products are made in small batches as most of them are made manually. Their tool and die machines are also made in their hardware house. Many of the Jacob Bromwell tooling dates back to the early 1900s. Since the inception of the company the products that are made in the factory have been made with great care and expertise and one can only feel it when one has bought one of their products.

Again and again it was mentioned that Jacob Bromwell’s top priority is to provide products that have exceptional quality. This is what affects a customer like me. Jacob Bromwell products are well-designed and are up to mark with the other cookware products that are found today. They use top quality material and what makes the products of Jacob Bromwell better than any other cookware products in the market today is that, their products can be repaired rather than ending up in landfills. Their motto is not for mass-marketing but providing their customers with the best kitchenware possible.

Many of us are aware of the health problems that certain utensils that are used for cooking can cause. Some of them may also lead to environmental degradation. As for me, I was worried about both the environment and health. Before I bought their product I wanted to clarify if their products are good for the environment and health. What I found out, astonished me: tin is beneficial for our health. Tin supports hair growth, it helps is decreasing depression and fatigue which increases positive mood and general well-being. Tin increases energy, provide aid when one is suffering from skin and digestion problems, it helps in decreasing headaches, asthma and insomnia. Moreover tin is FDA approved and completely food safe!

When Jacob Bromwell opened the doors of his factory in 1819 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA’s constitution was only thirty years old. There were not many repair shops at that time so Jacob Bromwell made it a point that he will make goods that will last for a lifetime. Hence, till today the life guarantee promise that Jacob Bromwell made has remained unchanged. Each of their product is handcrafted with care and efficiency. The company’s hundred percent Lifetime Guarantee ensures that every product that Jacob Bromwell makes meets the high standards required by their customers. If the standards are not met then one can get their products exchanged or get a complete refund. They lay great emphasis on customer satisfaction and this is what any consumer wants (including me).

I can tell you that their products are expensive and you may ask that why buy expensive products that have the techniques and designs of the past when we can easily buy products that are more advanced. I used to think the same way but when I used their products, especially the cheese garter I loved it! But what I personally feel is that if you are getting such a superb quality kitchenware product and have to invest only one time then you should definitely go for Jacob Bromwell. When you buy products from Jacob Bromwell it is not that you are buying a mass-produced product that will break in two or three years and you will forget all about it. Twenty-five years from now or even thirty years from now you will be using their products which have a lifetime guarantee. So it is better to invest in a product that will last for a lifetime rather than one that will be break in two or three years’ time.

The products of Jacob Bromwell outdo all the other kitchenware products that you can find in the market today. Their American Heritage Collection is the epitome of the classic American style. Since they are the oldest manufacturers of kitchenware in USA today, their speciality products feature old-fashioned, original, metalworking techniques that can only be found in their products. You would use their products with great care just like I did. Their products will take you back in time and there is a high probability that you would love to cook by using their products. Many of their products have remained the same such as their flour sifter which dates back to 1819, classic tin cup and original popcorn popper. Also they have a solid copper collection which is unique and all the products are handcrafted with the highest quality of copper. The collection is a luxurious collection which is elegant and impressive and can easily deduce an individual’s character. This collection is for those who pursue success and place value for classic American elegance.

Getting Jacob Bromwell’s products are not difficult. You can have access to their products online. All of their collections can be easily found on their website with all the products having their respective information. The product description of each and every product consists of the history of the product, the material it is made from, the way it should be used and cleaned. Over all their reviews are pretty helpful for those who are buying the products for the first time. Their website is user-friendly and one can find what one is looking for easily. Also if you have any queries you can easily email them and their folks will get back to you as soon as they can. They will answer all your queries in a professional manner. According to certain people Jacob Bromwell’s products are imperfect, authentic and hundred percent pure. In the olden days people use to buy their products and you can find some of their products in your grandparents’ kitchen.

When you buy Jacob Bromwell’s products you feel that you have reached maximum consumer satisfaction. Their products have a superb reputation of about 200 years. They are not only handcrafted and have unique designs that have lasted for centuries but also they have a good impact on health and environment. Your investment on Jacob Bromwell’s products will be fruitful since their products have a reputation for lasting for a lifetime. Moreover, unlike other contemporary housewares companies today, Jacob Bromwell also offer their customers with the opportunity of repairing their broken utensils. When you buy their products you will really get to know that why your grandparents make fun of the kitchenware that you use. These products will become one of your most prized possessions and you would not be able to let go of them easily. They maybe handcrafted but these products are durable and do not wear and tear easily. Hence, invest in Jacob Bromwell, even your grandchildren will be proud of you by this investment.




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