The Evolution of Cruise Ships

The Evolution of Cruise Ships

As the world became industrialised and began trading with distant land, mankind have been fascinated by the seas and oceans and began exploring new lands. Gradually, they also started transporting cargoes to instigate trade and commerce. With the growth of more industries, came in more money. People eventually wanted to spend their disposable income in quest of exciting voyages. Their impulse to visit around places across the globe, only read in books previously turned into reality. This entire perception of utilising a cruise for fun and leisure unveil the notion of luxury

About the Evolution of Cruise:

The first shipping establishment was done in New York in the year of 1818. They offered a scheduled passenger service from the United States to England. The cruise ships were used as troop carriers during the World War I and II. As soon as the war ended, the ships became the medium for transferring exiles seeking a new start in distant lands. Compulsion coupled with trade and leisure fuelled the demand for the creation of more ships.

Introduction to Luxury Cruise:

In the year of 1922, the world’s first luxury cruise set the sail.  It was considered as a lucky voyage to sail on.  The luxury world cruises lasted from 80 to 157 days or nights. They offered the passengers to view and experience the exotic locales and culture-rich sightseeing. It was the perfect place to experience the thrill of adventure, the enthusiasm of exploration, the glamour of travelling the globe in class and sophistication.

The grand ocean liners offered palatial suites at an exorbitant price, many of them used by people of honour or by royalty. Moreover with the introduction of gigantic passenger liners in the eighties there was a new dimension added to the cruise industry. These liners were made

exclusively for the vacationers while maintaining the cruising itinerary involving the following offers-

All-encompassing price:

The exclusivity of such cruises lies in the degree of all-inclusive pricing. It may be wine with dinner or alcohol beverages. In some cases, the luxury lines offer special shore excursion as a part of their package or include tips in the cruise fare.

Recognition and acknowledgement:

The majority of these grand ships carry a small number of passengers who are greeted by their names on several occasions by the room steward, guest relation desk or by the sommelier.

Uncrowned environment:

As the luxury ships carry a fewer number of people, there remains ample of space per passenger which is called passenger to space ratio.

Top-quality amenities:

Its speciality lies in the kind of amenities they offer involving the features and comfort in every room, bathrooms or the guest rooms.

Epicurean cuisine:

cruise-ship-1Several luxury cruises have won prestigious awards for their renowned food they offer. They are cooked according to the preference of the traveller using the finest ingredients.  Special restaurants are also available that does not include any additional charges.

Cruise parking:

These splendid ships also offer the benefit of parking the ships in the most affordable parking prices. They aim to make your parking the most stress-free just like the Southampton cruise port parking..

Unlike the ships of the past, they are designed to act as a floating resort with the advantage of casinos, spas, salons, multi-storey nightclubs and even caviar bars.

Luxury Cruising has changed:

In the previous decade, such impressive cruise ships were the domain of those who had plenty of time and money. However, with the passage of time, the passenger demography has changed. Instead of just enjoying the entertainment, margaritas and gambling, people look to education, wildlife, photography and relaxation. Today’s cruisers see the voyage as their main draw rather than the other peripheral things around. With this life changing around the world cruises, this industry is ready for the mass instead of solely catering to the wealthy and is the most rapidly growing sectors in the travel industry.

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