The Good Samaritans We Meet Along the Way

The Good Samaritans We Meet Along the Way4812085192_6e3f43b4af

I have a very flexible time to get to the port that day. It was my first time to travel by sea to go to the beach alone. All things are packed and ready but what I was not able to anticipate are the afternoon waves. By 2PM, they announced that they have to cancel the trip due to big waves. An approaching storm at that time is on its way and affecting the sea waves.
A Stranger Offering Overnight Shelter I felt too much frustration since this is my first time. I was even excited to know if I would be feeling sea sick or not. My friends told me that it is unavoidable for the first timers. Now, how will I know?

So much for my first time!

The first thing I have in mind is where to stay. I was only twenty years old then and I still do not about cheap accommodations hostels at this time. A woman sat beside me and starts mumbling in an angry tone. I can guess her frustrations, too, as she keeps on tapping the letters on her phone. Whenever it beeps, she will start tapping again – I guess, to reply to someone she has been exchanging texts with. With that, I started talking to her. And I am right – she is one of those passengers whose trip has been cancelled. Just like me!
After a few attempts to on with the trip, she finally gave up and told me if I just want to stay in her place that is just a one hour drive from the port. The rain starts to pour and we are all getting wet despite being under a nipa hut.
I grabbed the chance and said yes. The girl, who is living with her co-teachers, humbly accepted me to their rented house and let me sleep for a night. The morning after, we both made an agreement to go to the port during the first half of the day. This is to ensure that we will not experience the same inconvenience yesterday.

My Host as a Free Tour Guide

It was my birthday and I thought of going to a place where I have never been to before. During the planning, I decided to choose a far from the usual accommodation that I always did – choosing a homestay. Homestay is where you get to live with the family by giving you one spare room in their house and pay lesser than what you are usually paying in a hotel.
I do not have any itinerary at hand. It was just the first hand information I researched prior to going to the place. Plus, I also have my ever dependable map with me. To my surprise, my host told me that they can give me a free tour of the place. At first, I was hesitant to accept the offer but when they told me about the setup (free for the guide but I only have to pay for the entrance fees), I grabbed the chance. Why not! It’s for free! Since then, they have become my self-appointed tour guide until it is time for me to go back to work.
These stories can go on for hours and I am telling you, I will never run out of encounters with good Samaritans during my trips. There are lots of them. I guess I am just lucky that I always meet someone during my travel and they make my days easier.With all the years of wandering, I have learned when to turn off my cautious side and just trust the natives on that place where I am with. Letting my guards down then is not an option I am giving to myself. In the process, I learned that I can forget about it and just go with the flow. By far, I have not encountered any mistreats so far from those natives.

What does it says about my or your trips?

This means that we do not have to be over cautious. Learn to blend with the natives and you will see that communication makes it all easier for you to have a successful trip. If you were able to blend with them they will become your protector as well. Also, if you are on the budget side, they can give you tips on how you can spend your money wisely during your entire stay on their place. If you remember on my 2nd story, they even offered to be my free tour guide. In all honesty, I was deeply touched by that act. These people do not know me yet they helped me all the way! In reality, I think a hundred times to help someone because my defensive and cautious side is always on. However, I have to admit that with all these experiences, I am starting to get soft. My smile is, most of the times, now ready to greet new people I have yet to know. I do not think twice that much anymore to start a conversation with a stranger.How far will you go to help someone? Especially if that someone is someone you never knew before? A complete stranger!

Question of It All

I found myself asking this question one night after I experienced another kind help from a stranger. In this place where violence and ‘i-don’t-care’ attitudes are very rampant, what do these kind people get from being too giving? Are they just simply naïve? Or, is it because the lack of exposure to modern way of living makes them like this? Will be the rest of the people in this world that does not give a damn care if they experienced the fast paced life that we are living?
I hope the only reason for them acting that way is because they are simply like that – a kind of gesture that gives balance to this world where chaos, greed and anger are more popular than being kind, naïve and pure.

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