The Gritty of Red Light Districts

The Gritty of Red Light Districts- Green Lights or Red Lights?

red_light_district_erotic_museum2 The Gritty of Red Light Districts

Traveling is always a great adventure, and it is that element of surprise and wonder that makes traveling so appealing to many of us.  One of the most surprising and memorable moments a new traveler can have is their first trip through one of many The Gritty of Red Light Districts that are in operation around the world.  Red-light districts are synonymous with the sex industry they represent and promote. From street prostitutes, to sex shops, strip clubs, and brothels these areas are teeming with a sexually charged energy.  While they can be an exciting experience, care should be taken to do careful research before hand as prostitution is illegal in many countries and the places where it is legal or tolerated can still press charges and arrest participants in certain situations and under particular circumstances.  A good rule of thumb is to check with the local embassy or enforcement officials to find out what the specific rules and regulations are beforehand.

Following is a general rundown of some of the hot red-light districts and what the general stand is on the sex industry in these areas.redlight-a The Gritty of Red Light Districts

Australia- each state and region has its own laws regarding prostitution and the like; for some it is legal, for others illegal, and still others tolerate it.

Austria- prostitution is legal and the government regulates it; this generally means there are guidelines that all acts must operate under and arrests can happen in certain situations.

Argentina- prostitution itself is legal but brothels and pimping, along with public soliciting are not.

Brazil- prostitution itself is deems legal but pimping out individuals and running brothels is deemed illegal.

Cambodia- the official stance is that prostitution is illegal; however, it is generally tolerated, but care should still be exercised.

Canada- prostitution and related acts is seen as being legal, but brothels, pimps, street walking, and public pimping are not.

China- prostitution in its many forms is legal.

red_light_district_street_watching The Gritty of Red Light DistrictsDenmark- street and private prostitution is legal but the operation of brothels and the act of pimping is illegal.

England- the act of prostitution is legal but there are strict laws against brothels and pimps and other attempts to sell an individual for sex.

Germany- prostituting is legal and openly practiced in all forms.

Greece- prostitution is legal and regulated by the government

India- brothels, pimps, and private prostitution is illegal but generally it is tolerated and is somewhat regulated.

Japan- prostitution is legal as are many other sexual acts for pay that would be deemed prostitution in other countries.

Kenya- prostitution is illegal and heavily regulated and controlled.

Malaysia- prostitution and related acts are legal and acceptable.

Mexico- street prostitution, brothels, and pimps are common and legal.

Netherlands- prostitution in all forms and all associated activities are legal and extremely common.

New Zealand- prostitution, pimps, brothels, and all other associated acts are legal and openly allowed.

Pakistan- all forms of prostitution are illegal, but in some instances it is tolerated, so extreme care should be taken when visiting these areas for this reason.

Philippines- technically prostituting is illegal but it is so wide spread and prevalent the government usually just tolerates it.9691277_s The Gritty of Red Light Districts

Singapore- Brothels, pimps, and public solicitation are illegal but generally tolerated; private prostitution is tolerated.

South Africa- brothels, pimping, and public solicitation are all legal.

Spain- open prostitution, brothels, and pimping are illegal but clubs, bars and such, which are well known fronts for these activities, are tolerated.

Switzerland- prostitution in all forms is legal and is regulated and very common.

Thailand- all prostitution and related acts are deemed illegal but are generally tolerated by the government.

United States- prostitution is illegal except in some rural parts of Nevada.

Each of these nations has a multitude of well known re-light districts that can be researched.  It is not for everyone, but a visit to red-light district will at the very least give you and your travel companions something to discuss and debate for the rest of the trip. Above all, exercise common sense and check out the local laws and regulations prior to your visit or upon arrival in the country- you don’t want end up doing time in some third world country. So be safe and plan ahead if you plan to make a visit to the red-light district.

I would like to take this time to thank my assistant Sarah Jo Coryell for her help on making this article extra amazing.

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