The Importance of Reservations

14901688_s The Importance of Reservations

The Importance of Reservations

While traveling, reservations can mean the difference of a good or bad trip. When traveling abroad, we take time out of our busy schedules to get away from everything. Our life is put on hold for a week so that we can get away from our daily habit and enjoy ourselves. Being that humans are like minded creatures, travelers tend to gather at the same spots and destinations. With that, the activities and events that we would want to enjoy can only accommodate for a certain amount of people. As with most vacationers, our limited time doesn’t afford us to stand around and hope that our desired activity will have room for us as well.
Booking ahead of times also opens the lines of communication between yourself and the establishment you wish to patronize. If they become unavailable during your visit, they have your contact information in order to notify you ahead of time so that you can make adjustments accordingly. Instead of showing up somewhere and finding out they are closed, you’ve already been alerted and made back up plans.
The prior call to make arrangements can also answer a lot of questions beforehand. The agent and the customer can discuss different things such as party size, requirements to participate and restrictions. Would you expect to be seated on a busy Friday night if you showed up with 15 people at the most popular restaurant in town? What if certain people have special dietary considerations? A prior phone call can be made in order to arrange dishes that comply with vegan or gluten-free ingredients. The few simple minutes you spend on the phone  can prevent your guest from sitting alone and hungry because they can’t eat.
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Certain activities can have restrictions and requirements that the customer might not know about. When going scuba diving, women who are pregnant and those with prior lung injuries are now allowed to go diving. A good dive shop will ask these qualifying questions beforehand so that they don’t waste the customer’s time.
Many times, businesses will make special arrangements for those who make plans beforehand. Agents recognize that they are dealing with customers who’ve done prior research and made plans to visit. Restaurants especially value their reservations much more than foot traffic because that particular type of customer has done their research about the restaurant, menu and drinks. These are the customers who are coming here for a special event and will be more likely to communicate their experiences to their friends, family and colleagues. A special event like an anniversary or birthday can be made extra special with a reservation and a note. The chef might make you a special desert the host might bring you a bottle of champagne to make your day extra special.
In certain venues, VIP treatment is only made by reservations. The most popular dance clubs in Las Vegas are easily accessible to the general public. If you are looking for a private booth or table service, arrangements must be made in advance. By doing so, you can also avoid many hassles such as waiting in line.
In certain urban metropolitan areas, there are affluent restaurants with high demand. There are restaurants that will have you leave a credit card along with your reservations in cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. If you fail to appear without canceling appropriately, a no show charge will be placed on the credit card on hold. Because of their high prices and demand, they are within their ability to place such clauses to book a time to dine.
Then there are places where a reservation would be the only way to get in. New York’s Momofoku and California’s French Laundry has a waiting list of up to 2 weeks due to their world class cuisine. Places of such renown reputation can afford to rely solely on word of mouth and notoriety to completely refuse foot traffic. This also appeals to the customer who wants something special that the common man cannot have.
Although many people fail to maintain etiquette and decorum in this subject, it is generally decent in o

13212202_s The Importance of Reservations

rder to let the establishment know if one is not able to make it or is going to be late. They will be doing their best to prepare to give you the best experience they can, it is best to help them accomplish this if you’re going to be late. Don’t expect to show up 45 minutes late and expect them to accommodate you like arranged.
The reservation concept is a valuable resource to the vacationing traveler. With little personal downside, a customer can ensure that they spend their vacation making the most out of every moment. Usually, with little to no cost, it is best to book something beforehand.
While there are many reasons to book a reservation, sometimes it can be rewarding to wander around and spy on the dishes that the patrons are already working on. In person, you can find out more than you could on a website or a television commercial. Just don’t be disappointed when it doesn’t work out. That’s the risk of not being prepared.

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