Things You Need To Know About Choosing Hotels

Things You Need To Know About Choosing Hotels74878982_paris_tcm530-378271

In between my trips, I always switch between a budget traveler to a luxurious one. Whichever state I am, one of the things that give me a headache even before I start my trip is choosing my accommodation. It is not easy especially when you are not the only one you have to consider. Aside from all the other concerns like safety, budget, amenities and the added perks that came with choosing a certain hotel.

What Kind of Traveler Are You?

Are you the budget traveler? Or you prefer luxury whenever you choose your accommodation? This question also means “budget” in a simple word. This is what divides the travelers into two. As for me, I am more on the budget traveler. I wander more than stay in my room so where I stay is just a secondary thing that I have to worry. But of course, I always make sure that I do not forget to assure my safety before finalizing my hotel booking.

Are You a Solo Traveler?

Going on a budget travel is a very difficult goal when you are alone as you shoulder the expenses all by yourself. This is also the same thing when you are travelling with your family or with the kids. You cannot settle just for anything when you are with them. Since you already figured out your budget, it is time to consider who you are going to share the room. You have less and lighter choices when you are going solo. Otherwise, is it kid-friendly or oldies-friendly? If you are on a budget, will they be giving a discount if you’re going to check-in to their hotel as a group? What are the added perks given to the group? Better check out the amenities as well. Are the facilities safe for the kids or your grandparents? Are there any activities for the families? Ensure fun from start to finish by researching well before you book.

What Is Your Itinerary?

As I mentioned before, I wander more than stay in my room. If you are like me, then you would rather choose a hotel of lesser price. A more practical choice since you will not be able to maximize your stay inside your room. As the day ends, all I want to think about is to have a nice bath and bed and I am done for the night. That’s it! I do not care if my other co-travelers (families or friends) put the mattress on the floor and that is where they told me to sleep. Simply put, you may want to focus your budget on your outdoor activities instead of putting it all in to your accommodations. A simple bed and breakfast accommodation (B&B) will do for you

On the other hand, if you are the one who just wants to take a rest (and will just stay more inside your room to sleep), why not prefer a more cozy and comfortable hotel room? Additionally, make sure that all you need is within your reach. Is the room fully furnished? Arethe room service great and just a phone call away? Live like a royalty and pamper yourself all throughout!

Cozy with Ease

It is better if all the basic things you need are just around the place. Additionally, it is also convenient if you have other choices and not just one. This may happen if you chose to book a hotel that is in the middle of an island – which happens to me once. The good thing is there is a buffet area in one area of the hotel. Different concessionaires and cuisines are presented to all guests. Should you need additional clothes, it is nicer if there are different shops around where you can choose which one you like the most.

Do Not Miss Out on Other Perks

Did you check your mileage cards if it gives discount to certain hotels once you meet your travel quota? How about your credit card – does it give you the option to pay later or has the 0% installment plan? Our company has partnered with a traveling agency which gave us the option to pay for the tours and accommodation at a 50% discount. You better be on the lookout for exciting deals like this.Nowadays, discount coupon sites are very in demand giving more choices for the travelers. This is regardless if you are a budget traveler or not. Take advantage of it!

Other Added Bonus

If you planned your vacation months ahead, it would be practical to book your hotel accommodations ahead. Even if you are not on a budget, the rate is still lower if you just book days or just a few weeks ahead of your travel. Additionally, your travel promo may also include the hotel. I usually prefer this one as I think they will not be including it if it does not pass their standards. In case you do not like it, you may still opt to go to another hotel you like,Furthermore, if you can go during the off peak season, you can even be upgraded to a more extravagant room. It happened to me one time where we are only 10 guests in a private resort. From a deluxe bed with only a single and natural sized bed, they transfer  me to a room that is bigger with a king sized bed and a bar — at the same price!

If you keep these all in mind, you will definitely have a nice and smooth trip even before you go to your destination. Booking your hotel accommodation should not be a pain in the neck if you know what needs to consider and look out for. Additionally, this should be in the least of all your worries before you embark on your anticipated vacation. Plan ahead, choose practically, and have fun all throughout!

Now, that you have it all figured out, it is time to book that hotel accommodation!



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