Time to Feel the Beauty of Mesmerizing Tourist Attractions at Denver

Time to Feel the Beauty of Mesmerizing Tourist Attractions at Denver

Being the capital city of Colorado, Denver has lot to offer to each type of traveler with regards to its great natural beauty, mining history, outdoor sports, art & culture and much more. The city is also nicknamed as the “Mile High city” as its official elevation is exactly one mile above the sea level. Lot of tourists from various parts of the world visit this beautiful city to have a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.logo

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For a traveler, there are various tourist spots in Denver which will provide him a broader view of the city’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Below are the details on some most beautiful tourist spots in Denver which are must to see attractions for all visiting this beautiful city:

  1. Denver art museum: The museum showcases collections of great Native American art and also exhibits other collections from different parts of the world. Apart from this, it also has nine curatorial departments consisting of architecture, modern and contemporary art, graphics and design, Asian art, native art, New World, sculpture and painting, Western art and textile art, photography.
  2. Museum of Contemporary Art: This museum was founded in 1996 is one of the finest contemporary art museums in Denver with great architecture work and distinct galleries for education work and special projects.
  3. Denver Botanic gardens: As already mentioned that the city has lot to offer in terms of museums and natural beauty. Denver Botanic Garden is one such fine example for that. It is a public botanical garden constituting of an amphitheatre, conservatory and variety of theme gardens.
  4. Colorado State Capitol: This building is basically a home to Colorado General Assembly and has offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Colorado. By entering from the west side of this building one can measure the official elevation of Denver from the fifteen steps which is engraved with “One mile above the sea level”. One can experience a beautiful view of sunset during the evening.
  5. Centennial flower gardens: For a traveler who is passionate about gardening must make a visit to this beautiful garden. He will really be thrilled to see the patterned work on flora and fauna along with other flowers which are growing there in abundance. He will really enjoy the beauty of this garden and will also be able to gather some useful tips on gardening, as well.


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