Time Shares and Exciting Travels

timeshare1Time Share for Your Dream Vacation

For a budget traveler like me, having a 5-star FREE accommodation is a luxurious opportunity at its finest! Admit it, finding the most suitable and affordable accommodation during your trips is one ordeal you have to go through every single time. It is a big slash on your budget. OF the Time Shares and Exciting Travels

Now, I know for sure, this is your big question: How did you get that 5-star FREE accommodation.

First of all, I did not win in any contests. Second, it is not a company reward given to me for doing a wonderful job. I just happened to have a friend who has a time share in a famous beach resort. It was my birthday and she thought that that would be the best gift she can ever give me. And she is right!

What is Time Share?

If this is your first time to hear it, a time share means a property where several people has a right to use the property only within a certain specific time. Cost of owning the proerpty will be a big discount since there will be several owners in one property. You will share the cost of maintenance with other sharer.

However, the sharer cannot claim ownership of the property since there are other sharers, too. As for my friend, she said that instead of no one is using the hotel room during her time, she just thought of giving me a one week stay gift there. It is such a wonder, to be honest!time share 2

The most popular type of share ownerships are the following:

Fixed Week – where your share of stay will only be for a certain week. The other sharers also have the same privilege. The remaining weeks or months will depend on you and the other sharers’ agreement if you want to rent it out to generate income while you are not using it.

Floating Week – where your stay will also last for a week but this can be any week. This will also depend on the sharer’s agreement. This will still be on a first come, first served basis.

Points System – time share companies will opt to promote or use the points system wherein a sharer gets to use his/her share more than once. The number of stay will depend on the points earned. A sharer can have points by joining a program of the company. While others can convert the points to airline tickets, country tours and other perks, you have the option to convert yours by time share.

Time Share Tour

Owning a time share usually starts with a tour. Since most of the property in a time share company is limited, tours are conducted to only a number of people per certain schedule. At time, the tour consists of only one couple or person per tour.  This will give you a view of the property along with its amenities and the perks that came with it. This will also give you the chance to decide which property to choose in case you are seriously looking to get one. An hour or less presentation will be conducted to you by a salesman or tour guide of the time share company. This will all be done while both of you are in a vehicle provided by the company so he or she can show you around and what the time share can offer to you.

timeshare 3The perks of a sharer

Use their time share if it is their turn already. Since time shares normally are in beach resorts or condominiums, this is the best time to relax. Why not since you are paying for it every month or if not on a quarter basis

Have someone to occupy the room if you think you would not be able to use it. In this case, you can have it rented or give it is a privilege gift like my friend did to me! In this way, you still get to earn while you are doing your own thing in your work.

If you like the property of another sharer better than yours, you can talk to the sharer about exchanging the shares of the room to you and vice versa. You better take a look if it is stated and allowed in the contract. This is possible if the property is in the same resort or part of the same group of resorts then that is good news for you. This is what they called the timeshare swapping.

If you are in a point system category of ownership, you have the option to stay in any property that your time share company owns. You are not confined in just one property or a specific period to use it. You also have the option when or where to use your share. The more points earned, the better your accommodation. However, this will still depend on the type of the accommodation you are going to avail and the date of your booking. Early booking will still be a more secure idea to get the accommodation that you really want.

Grab one now and have that dream vacation of your life using our time shares!


This very informative article was written with the great assistance of Mary Jo Tomias.  A great travel writer of our time. Check out her amazing works at her blog of http://www.darealitycorner.blogspot.ca/

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