Top 5 Football Stadiums in the World

Top 5 Football Stadiums in the World

Top 5 Football stadiums around the world
written by: NeelamDFootball is not just one of the most beautiful and popular game on the planet, but it is religion as well for millions of people around the world. Since this is one of the most popular games on planet and so many fans are there that do not want to miss any football match that’s why it requires some spectacular stadium as well to accommodate these thousands of case, if we try to make a list of Top 5 Football stadiums of the world, it will be impossible to make a flawless list, but here is a list of Top 5 Football stadiums that will be accepted by most of the football lover in the world.

Salt Lake Stadium: Many people may not believe it, but the largest football stadium of the world is located in KolKata India. This stadium has the capacity of 120,000 people and it got completed in year 1984. This stadium is home for four local football teams that include Mohun Bagan, Pailan Arrows, East Bangal, and Prayag United. However, this is the largest football stadium in the world, but the less popularity of this game in Indian subcontinent made it a less popular football stadium in the world.

Estadio Azteca: This stadium is located in Mexico City, Mexico and this is the second largest football stadium in the world. The total capacity of this stadium is 105,000 people, but then also more than 120,000 people attended Brazil and Mexico football match in 1968. This was completed in 1966 and in 1985 they renovated it to improve the beauty and of this spectacular football stadium. The national football team of Mexico and local football-club America call it their home.

Estadio Centenario: Indeed it is not one of the largest football stadiums in the world, but without any doubt it is one most popular football stadium of the world. This stadium is situated in Montevideo, Uruguay and FIFA declared this stadium as a historical monument of World Football that makes it the unique building in the world. This stadium is home of National football team of Urugway and most feared football ground in the world for visiting teams because home team won more than 80% games on this ground. The total capacity of this stadium is 63000 people.

Wembley Stadium: This stadium

soccer 2is situated in London, England and it is one of the oldest, most spectacular, popular and celebrated football stadiums in the world. It was originally built in 1923 and after renovation it reopened in 2007. Total capacity of this football stadium is 90000 people and it is home for the National Football team of England. This football stadium has seen some of the most amazing football games in history of football that makes it one of the best in its category.The San Siro Stadium: This stadium is located in Milan, Italy and this stadium is available for football matches since 1926. This stadium can accommodate more than 80000 people and this stadium is home for Inter Milan and AC Milan. During this long period this stadium has undergone for renovation and after each renovation it became more spectacular and amazing than ever before.

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