Top 5 Wine Tours in the World

Top 5 Wine Tours in the World

Many things have changed in the last couple millennia but only one has remained exactly the same- wine is still one of the things that makes the world go round. It is true that wine can be bought in any store in your neighborhood; unfortunately, this will never be the same as going to the winery and enjoying their home made product. However, even for this, you must first know where to go and with this in mind, here are top 5 wine tours in the world. Italy

Burgundy, France

It would be simply unfair not to start our tour in France, the homeland of wine and its most prominent winemaking region Burgundy. In fact, it was the very color of Burgundian wine that came to name that famous nuance of red that everyone knows about. With this in mind, it is more than clear that Burgundian vineyards are key to its fame worldwide. This being said, here you can taste some of the most exquisite and most expensive wines there are, but the very idea of bragging that you tried a Burgundian wine in Burgundy is worth every penny. So, if money is not the issue, Burgundy is the place to visit.

California Tuscany, Italy

Now, some believe that when it comes to title of the finest winemakers French easily triumph, however they are often contested for this honorary spot by Italy. As for the Italian winemaking regions worth visiting, the first thing that pops into one’s mind is Tuscany. With so many vineries and vintages available, your options will be quite numerous. The best thing about visiting Tuscany is that it is not only popular for its wines but for its cuisine as well, which makes it into a genuine hedonistic epicenter of Italy.

Ribera del Duero, Spain

No wine tour list would ever be complete without visiting Spain. The greatest trouble here is picking just one place to visit, but seeing how we already set this precedent it would be unfair not carry on in this manner. In Spain, you should choose the region according to your budget, since the price ranges are truly outrageous. A perfect example of a high-end tour would be Ribera del Duero a home to without doubt most expensive winAustralia e in the world Vega Sicilia.

Napa Valley, California

Finally, it is time to move away from the old continent and find our next wine tour in the new world. The best example of North American winemaking is none other than Napa Valley in California. Now, we may have backed out of the MSpainediterranean, but the Mediterranean climate still follows us. It is exactly for this reason that Napa Valley was a winemaking regions almost since it was first settled. All in all, on your next visit to the United States, make sure not to miss out on this amazing wine tour.

Barossa Valley, Australia

Last, but definitely not least important is the Barossa Valley in South Australia. This region is the capital of Shiraz, the most popular wine in whole of Australia. The greatest trouble in visiting it is that with so many vineries, and renowned bottle shops in Melbourne, it is almost impossible for one unfamiliar with the turf to find their way around. However, for those resourceful enough as well as those willing to do a bit of homework, nothing is impossible.

Unfortunately, no list could ever be elaborate enough to incorporate every single location interesting for oenophiles all over the world. However, visiting any of these places will most definitely not be a decision that you will ever come to regret. Regardless of if you choose the old world or the new one, you are bound to have an adventure of a lifetime. The world is your oyster!

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