Top Locations for Spotting Planes

Top Locations for Spotting Planes

Plane spotting is a hobby that has been gaining popularity, largely because it can be an exciting and fulfilling way to pass the time. Learning about how planes operate is something that has fascinated many people from childhood to adulthood. One of the best ways to cap off this interest in aviation and aerodynamics is to see the planes in action and in person. The most classic way to plane spot is by camping out near airport runways while the planes leave and arrive. No matter where you’re at in the world, chances are you too can find some of the world’s best locations for plane spotters near you.

Plane spotting in the United States:A plane 1

There are many great locations to plane spot in the U.S., and it will largely depend on whether you prefer to see them in an Urban or Suburban setting. In the northern regions of the United States, most airports were built within the confines of cities. This means that if you’re going to spot the planes as they leave, the best place to do it may be from a nearby rooftop. One of the best airports for this is Logan airport in Boston. This is great because there are a number of tall buildings with rooftop observatory points that overlook the airport. These set ups will give you a bird’s eye view of the planes as they pull into the airport. Sitting on the rooftops is also an exciting experience, assuming you aren’t afraid of heights!

Reagan national airport in the country’s capital at Washington, D.C. is another excellent option for plane spotters. This airport actually has a small city park adjacent to the airport, adorned with trees and a nice walking trail. For most plane spotters, it will be a relief to have a city that actually welcomes you to sit and watch as the planes land from over your head.

If you’re in the southern United States, there are many great airports that were built outside of the urban limits of major metropolitan areas. Notable among these is the MCO airport near Orlando, FL. This airport was built far outside the city center, primarily because it was necessary to traffic visitors to the Disney area. There are many wide open plains surrounding the airport, and you can get up close and personal to the planes you want to see. If you stand close enough to the fenced area, you can feel a huge rush of air from the updraft as planes swoop down to hit the runway just yards from where you’re standing.

airplanes-bomber_00416216Plane spotting in Australia:

Another great country to plane spot in is Australia, primarily because the airports are more modern. These locations are usually set against a stunning backdrop of deserts, forests and occasionally urban areas. If you’re fan of either plane spotting or Australia in general, make sure you add some of their top airports to your list. A top airport to visit in that country is Sydney Airport in the city of the same name. There is a nice park in the area that gives the viewer a glimpse of the planes as they fly down from above the tree line. It is an interesting juxtaposition against the rising urban buildings in this large and growing metropolis.

Keep in mind that since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, some airports have changed the way that you can plane spot. Some of them no longer allow visitors to get close to the fence surrounding the airport, and may become suspicious if you get too close. Just take a few precautions, and remember to have fun!

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