Top Ten Benefits To Being An Expatriate

Top Ten Benefits To Being An Expatriate

We look at some of the top reasons for living abroad.

UnknownThe numbers of expatriates from various countries including the UK and France now living overseas is much higher than it used to be – in part due to greater number of chances there are for living abroad these days, as well as the trend generally towards a more connected world.

So if you’re thinking about making the move abroad, then take a look at our list and see how many of the things we’ve picked out here are also among your reasons for thinking about making a move.

The weather. Many of us come from a greyer and rainer part of the world, so why not move where the sun shines a little bit more and a lined overcoat isn’t required during the month of August.

The food. Let’s face it, some countries just make and serve food that is out of this world delicious. The food back home may be good, it may even be very good. But often when we’re abroad – say in France or Italy – the eating just seems to be elevated to a whole new level. No wonder, then, that over a quarter of a million UK nationals live in France and many thousands in Italy too.

Career development. Often when people move abroad, it’s either with their existing organisation to a new job in an overseas part of the firm, or for a new job. And overseas assignments are more and more popular with staff generally, believing that a spell abroad will be beneficial for developing their careers.

Retirement. Many people harbour a pipe dream of one day retiring to s pleasant place in the sun. And many also turn the dream into a reality and head off to warmer climes – with Australia being the number one destination for UK expat retirees.

Family. Being an expat can be a challenge – and one of the things that often takes getting used to is being away from family. Buy if you already have family abroad, then moving can become easier – especially if they have room to put you up, and time to show you around when you step off the plane and into your new overseas existence.

baby-boomers-retirement-planningCulture. Depending

on how far you venture, being an expat can really offer the opportunity of getting out there and adjusting to a culture very different from home. Just ask any westerner who’s spent an extended period of time in Japan. One of the most rewarding things about travelling is the perspective it gives us such a new perspective as well as so many new experiences.

Cost. Depending on where you live, the cost of living can be incredibly cheap or incredibly expensive. And in some places it can be both, for instance in countries where petrol is inexpensive but consumer goods aren’t. Cost of living is an important factor for many in considering a move.

Love. That’s right. Plain and simple. Many people meet their sweetheart and go to live with them in the country they’re a national of – or someplace new altogether.

Broadening horizons. Some people have an inbuilt wanderlust and find themselves living abroad in a variety of locations over time. And as people who love to travel extensively or live abroad know – it really does broaden horizons, and is full of potential.

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