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Growing UpTravel Day Dreams

Growing up, when someone would ask where I lived, I would say “Hilden,” and they would say, “Where?” It is a place literally so small that I cannot justify calling it a town – it is just a community, or a neighbourhood. So, naturally, after living here for almost my entire life, I’m feeling pretty trapped and, quite frankly, desperate to get away.

As a kid, I had always used reading and writing to get away from the reality of daily life in the same tiny place. Now that I’m in university, I’m beginning to realize that travelling and really getting away from here is a viable option, especially if I chose a career in travel. There are tons of options out there for people who do want to choose a career in travel – traveling nurses, international aid workers, field service technicians, the list goes on and on. I, however, am not particularly interested in traditional travel jobs. I want to do something that will make a difference.

Career Paths

I have thought quite often about different career paths, and I’ve changed my mind a million and one times. Through everything that has crossed my mind, though, writing has always stuck with me. I am hoping that someday, I can use my writing and my desire to make a difference for the better as a career option. The  ideal career for me would involve going from place to place, travelling around and writing about issues that are happening in that place. I feel that if people could just be more aware of the issues that are happening, both worldwide and on their figurative back doorsteps, they might be more inspired to really make a change. Even if they were to make a change just in their own community – everything helps. Of course, there would be other perks to a job like this. Not only would I get to leave this tiny neighbourhood behind and make people aware of the issues that are happening all around them, but I’d also get to travel the world and see so many destinations that most people only dream about. Of course I want to see all the popular destinations, like Athens and Paris and London.  But there are a lot of other places I want to see, too. I have a friend who visited Ethiopia, and I would be thrilled to go there. I’ve read so much about India that I can’t help but want to see it in person. There isn’t much I wouldn’t give to walk the crowded streets of China and Japan. I want to see it all and take it all in.

New Experiences

Besides the travel, there would be so many great experiences that would come along with a job like this. Imagine all the different people you would get to meet, and all the different cultures and customs you would get to experience! Different places can have very different views, so you would be forced to do research and learn about each place before going there. If the learning alone isn’t motivation enough, on top of that you would get the feeling of doing something good for a community, and if you did it for long enough, you would get the feeling of making a change and an impact on the world. You could even inspire others to make a change – big or small, everything counts!

Fulfilling in TravelCouple Hiking

This is not, of course, the only fulfilling travel job I can think of, but it does combine a mixture of my favourite things – writing, learning, and making people aware of issues. In my mind, there would be no career more ideal than one where I could use all three of these elements and try to make a change in the world. I could escape this small neighbourhood, see so many of the things that so far, I’ve really only dreamed about seeing, and I could use my passions to help people. At the end of the day, is there really anything more ideal than that?

This amazing article was written with the great assistances of Emily Hana Gaill who is a rewarding writer for travel in the world

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