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So you are getting ready to take off on a globetrotting expedition. You have been strategically packing your bags for days. You have talked to friends and family to make sure that your apartment and dog will be well tended. You have contacted your bank, set up automatic bill pay, and put a travel alert on your card. You have been saving for this trip for months. You are ready for anything. But you just have one question, what about travel insurance? I hear a lot of excuses and justifications for not getting travel insurance. People tend to rationalize not purchasing such a security measure by saying things like, “It’s so expensive and I probably won’t need it.” Or, my personal favorite, “I will be fine. What are the chances?”

Take it from me. Things go wrong. I have been in the hospital while traveling for parasites, typhoid, food poisoning, and allergic reactions to food that I had no way of knowing I was allergic to since I’d never been exposed to them in my home country. I’ve also known travelers who have been in car accidents; everything from public buses to being hit by a car crossing the road. If you are traveling for an extended period of time, travel insurance is definitely worth the investment. Whether you are wandering across political boundaries for months on end or just going for a week with the family to Europe, it really is better safe than sorry. In my personal opinion, it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Your vacation can take a year to save for, only a second to ruin. Purchase travel insurance through Travel Guard. Starting at $30. offers various plans for travelers including, but not limited to, all inclusive insurance, trip cancellation, emergency, and for travelers venturing into Canada. The packages vary widely in coverage. Thus there are plans available that meet the needs and budgets of anyone looking to peace of mind, whether it is for one week or several months. Travel Guard is not just available for Canadian citizens and plans are quick and easy to purchase directly on the website. The website,, is easy to navigate with information clearly displayed. Furthermore, if you have further inquiries, customer reviews have repeatedly praised the customer service center as friendly and informative.

If you are considering purchasing insurance, let’s discuss some plan basics options that Travel Guard has to offer:

Trip Cancellation

Travel Guard Insurance

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You and your family have been planning a family vacation for the last six months. You have booked the flight, the hotel, rented the car, made a check list, called all of the tourist hot spots. In short, you are ready to rock and roll for your departure the upcoming week.
Four days before your departure, your youngest gets the flu. The next day it has spread to your eldest. And the third day, one day prior to your departure, your husband comes down with the dreaded virus. You are on your way to the pharmacist, maintaining naïve optimism that everyone will be just fine in time for tomorrow morning’s early flight, when someone rear ends you. The consequence is hours of paperwork, police reports, a few hours in the doctor’s office, and an evening spent talking to insurance companies when you should be packing. You get to the pharmacist hours later, only to realize that your throat has started to hurt and your body is feeling achy.

Things like this happen. You can take copious amounts of Vitamin C for weeks prior to departure, but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of a traffic jam on the way to the airport. You can leave plenty of time to arrive at the airport, but that doesn’t help to prevent someone from rear ending you on the way. I’m not trying to sound like the voice of doom. I’m just saying that these things happen. Trip Cancellation insurance covers these crises. Travel Guard anticipates the unforeseen. The insurance is effective from the day of purchase to the day that you depart on your trip. It can help with nonrefundable travel expenses in the event of an emergency or unforeseen circumstance such as the death of an immediate family member or job loss.

Emergency Medical

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Coverage Options

This, in my opinion, is the most practical for the kind of traveling that I do. I don’t go on big family vacations, but I do wander across political boundaries. I do eat potentially dangerous food. And I do take the public transportation. Since beginning my South American journey, I have met three people who have been in car accidents. Two were on buses, a public transportation that in the Western world we put a lot of faith in. One was hit by a car crossing the road, while the crosswalk prompted walking. Once again, my point is that you never know how things are going to unfold. Only one of those three people had Emergency Medical insurance. He went to the hospital and everything was covered from his cast to the ambulance. He’s still backpacking around South America.

My other friends weren’t so fortunate. They racked up a vicious list of medical bills. One of them is still living here trying to pay off these obscenely high bills while working for South American wages. The other one threw in the towel and returned to Scotland.

Had my other friends had travel insurance, they probably would still be happily traveling around post recovery. Instead, their adventures were greatly stunted and seriously dampened.

Travel Guard offers Emergency Medical that can help protect you in situations such as; the event of an injury, an emergency medical evacuation, reactions to food and water, etc.

All Inclusive

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This is by far the most comprehensive package. You can miss your flight because of a family crisis, get typhoid, walk in front of a moving car, and lose your back-all without having to worry! Travel Guard’s All Inclusive policy includes Emergency Medical and Travel Cancellation. Additionally, it helps with lost and stolen luggage, trip interruption where you have an unforeseen emergency or complicating situation mid-trip. It even includes a concierge service should you suddenly decide you want to purchase concert tickets or book a classy hotel. If you are a frequent traveler, this plan can be purchased annually for travelers who intend to travel at least three times in the upcoming year. If you aren’t in need of annual coverage, the policy is available for purchase in smaller increments of time.

For additional information on the above policies, as well as additional policies, visit the website at Even if you are looking for something outside of the three plans I discussed in brief, I would encourage you to give the website a gander or customer service a buzz. Travel Guard has something that can meets the needs of everyone.



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Your health insurance may not travel with you. Take travel insurance provided through Travel Guard. Travel insurance starting at $30

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