Travelling On a Budget: The Best of Thailand’s Street Food

Travelling On a Budget: The Best of Thailand’s Street Food

We all know Thailand is full to the brim with delicious food, and for travellers it’s not likely to break the bank. Here are five fantastic street food suggestions for when you’re travelling on a budget.

  1. Som Tum Poo

Much tastier than it sounds – Som Tum Poo is just one variant of an incredibly popular dish you’ll find all over the streets of Thailand.

This green salad is made from unripe papaya, which is shredded and garnished with hot chilli, salt, fish sauce and sweetened with palm sugar.

This particular version of the popular dish contains crushed crab meat from local rice fields and is one of the more common takes on Som Tum in Asia.

  1. Gai Tod Kratiem

photo 1 thaiFor any KFC lovers out there, this probably comes closer than most dishes to replicating the Colonel’s special chicken recipe on the Thai boulevards.

Gai Tod Kratiem is deep fried chicken, which has been cooked alongside garlic. It tends to fall off the bone when you eat it and is usually accompanied by delicious sticky rice.

It’s a fairly simple recipe – and certainly one worth trying to cook for yourself at home – but, for the real experience, you need to hit the streets.

  1. Kao Moo Daeng

Just thinking about this particular dish might make your mouth water. Kae Moo Daeng is barbecued pork, with a diverse range of garnishes to really bring out the flavour.

The tender pork is coated in “black” and “brown” sauce, with the former providing salt and the latter a sweet flavour. The blend is perfect.

Alongside the meat you’ll find Chinese sausage, half a boiled egg, cucumber and green onion – there’s the option of also enjoying this dish with dried chillies, but the spice might be too much for some.

  1. Pad Thai

photo 2 thaiPad Thai has become a popular recipe in Australia, but, according to the Secret Traveller, “It’s nowhere near as good as the stuff you can buy on the streets of Bangkok for little more than spare change.”

This stir-fried noodle dish can now be found pretty much anywhere in the nation, but owes its roots to the routes that sweep through cities and towns.

The epitome of ‘street food’, Pad Thai is great for someone on a budget and comprises of the aforementioned noodles, mixed together with eggs, chopped tofu, dried shrimp, garlic and fish sauce.

  1. Khao Neow Ma Muang

After all those savoury treats, why not finish off with a sweeter taste of Thailand? Khao Neow Ma Muang is a dish which has worked its way across the globe (even as far as London) –  and for good 3 thai

Sweet sticky rice is served alongside yellow mango, with the whole dish finished off by a garnish of coconut cream syrup. While this dish is popular all year round, it is especially sought after in the mango season.

There you have it; five of the best street foods to try out when you’re on a tight budget in Thailand. Why not give some of these dishes a go when you’re out there?

  1. Gai Tod Kratiem
  1. Pad Thai
  1. Khao Neow Ma Muang

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