Travelling with cystic fibrosis

Travelling with cystic fibrosis

There have been tremendous developments in the treatment of cystic fibrosis over the last few decades. cystic fibrosis Babies born with the hereditary disease back in the 1960s were considered lucky if they lived to their teenage years. Now, it’s more than reasonable to expect to live well into your 50s and beyond without too many restrictions on the activities you would like to do. This includes travelling. There have been massive improvements to the way that CF sufferers are treated by airlines and travel insurers. They may still have to make a few additional arrangements before they fly abroad, but it’s now more than possible for CF sufferers to enjoy a holiday in a foreign country.Travelling with cystic fibrosis

Travel insurance for cystic fibrosis sufferers

The improved treatment for CF has made them less at risk of needing to visit a hospital or cancel their holiday because of illness. This had made insurers more willing to offer sufferers affordable premiums for their holiday.

The formation of specialist insurers for people with medical conditions has also played a significant role. These companies are staffed with experts in a range of diseases, who are able to help their employers accurately measure the risk of certain customers. This allows them to offer insurance at a more competitive price compared to traditional insurers, who tend to hike up the premiums an unnecessary amount due to a lack of specialist knowledge about certain conditions.

How can cystic fibrosis sufferers reduce the risk of complications?

There remain some fears that the low levels of oxygen caused by flying at a high altitude might be particularly harmful to CF suffers. However, recent research has suggested the only real risk comes on long-haul flights. Most doctors will have no problem issuing fit-to-fly certificates to CF sufferers as long as long as they don’t have any other non-related medical conditions that may make them a risk. Airlines will normally allow passengers to bring any necessary medication on board with them too, although some may need to obtain written permission to do so before they fly.

Before travelling, it will be useful to speak to your doctor with regards to any other complications that may occur. They will probably recommend for patients to be clued up about the locations of the nearest hospitals, to take care in the heat and to ensure that they have enough supplies of medication. This should help them to stay calm and relax during their break.

Cystic Fibrosis Holiday Fund

Travelling has becoming such a safe option for CF suffers that there has even been a charity set up to help fund holidays for children and young people with the disease.

The Cystic Fibrosis Holiday Fund was set up in 1986 and has been supported by all sorts of well-wishers from those with the disease themselves to big name celebrities. Thousands of pounds are dedicated towards the provision of fun holidays for youngsters. This shows that, as long as the right preparations are made, people with this disease should be able to enjoy holidays just as much as anyone else.

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