Unforgettable sight-seeing’s in Monaco

 Unforgettable sight-seeing’s in Monaco 

The tiny city-state of Monaco is one very realistic example of the calm and wonderful Mediterranean lifestyle. Surrounded by the Mediterranean sea from the south and France from east, west and north, this tiny place is considered to be the second smallest nation in the world coming right after Vatican. While touring Monaco is certainly an exotic and refreshing experience, one must know where and how to go to take advantage of the vintage sightseeing points provided in the nation. If you are flying in, and going to take the air route while the departing from Monaco its best you keep a note of your flight details as it is very much a plausible scenario wherein you get lost in the warmth of Mediterranean climate and forget everything else.
1. Monaco-Ville
Monaco-Ville or the ‘Old City’ is a district in Monaco. Its basically a medieval styled village with picturesque spots scattered all over the place. The place is best visited by foot and with a help of a local guide. There are plethora of eateries and restaurants in this district so you can grab a quick bite while taking in the view of homes which have been preserved for about a century.monaco2

2. Prince’s Palace
Palais Princier or Prince’s palace is located in Monaco Ville and is a excellent spot for tourists. Around the clock you will find local guides waiting for giving you a complete tour of the palace which also provides a exceptional view of Monte-Carlo and the Port of Monaco. If you are around the palace at 11:55 am then you can watch the Guard changing ceremony near the main gate.

3. Monaco Cathedral
Monaco cathedral is a 19th century Romanesque church which currently stands upon a church which was built earlier in 13th century. The cathedral also is the final resting place for former Princes and Princesses of Monaco. The church square is a place for foodies as the area houses a variety of restaurants ready to provide you with a fine dining experience.

4. Jardin Exotique
Monaco has a lot of gardens spread across its expanse and this garden is probably the best there is in the whole Mediterranean.


Featuring several rare plants from different parts of the world Jardin Exotique will provide you with a refreshing and completely exotic tour with plethora of flora and plants. There is a cave nearby where scheduled guided tours tak

e place. Unfortunately for many, the tour is basically guided in french language and requires a climbing equivalent to a six storied building. Fo

r those who don’t have a problem understanding a bit of french it can be a great experience although the cost for the whole tour of 25 minutes is around 8 euros.

5. Monaco Opera House
The Monaco opera house or ‘Salle Garnier’ is a must visit for any tourist in Monaco. Built by renowned renaissance architect Charles Garnier, the auditorium is adorned with beautiful sculptures and superb paintings. The ‘Salle Garnier’ is picturesque to say the least and will create a memory for a lifetime. If you can spend a fair amount of money you can even get a chance to attend one of the international performances which are conducted regularly.


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