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In an age where we work full time jobs and have an equally busy home life, we don’t have time to spend hours on Craigslist to contact individual owners to inquire about Vacation Home Rentals. I would have to contact owners and wait for them to respond through their busy schedules as well. When they would reply, it would be hours or days after so I wouldn’t have a clue who they were or which house they owned.  After a couple of days of frustration, my one desire was to have this process simplified so that I could book my vacation home and get started on planning the party itself.

I came across while doing a Google search. It was a simple and easy to use website that featured rentals throughout the United States and some in Europe. Selections were made using a map of the US or a search bar that found the exact location you are looking for. A tab labeled for Last Minute Deals intrigued me as well because of my frugal nature.
My need to book a vacation home was because I was in charge of my best friend’s bachelor party. We’ve known each other since we were children and he was finally marrying the girl of his dreams. To celebrate his last days of being a bachelor, I decided to forgo the usual trip to Las Vegas in exchange for weekend on the slopes in Aspen. Since most of us were avid skiers and snowboarders, I felt that this was an ideal location to host his party.

While browsing through the properties, I saw that some were owned privately while a large portion of them were owned by a local property management company. Since Aspen is a popular tourist destination, many of these homes were owned by investors or affluent folks who wanted to get some use out of their vacation home when they weren’t around. A lot of these owners would hire property managers to handle the renting, cleaning and upkeep of their homes. In order to save time and headache, I found a gentleman under the name of Bill W that had a number of homes under his umbrella.

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Clicking on Bill W’s name listed about 12 different properties with different sizes and numbers of rooms. Our party had about 8 people total so I figured a 4 bedroom unit would be best for us. We would all have a room mate for the weekend and it wouldn’t be too crowded. Bill W had 2 homes that had 4 bedrooms and they were both listed at around

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$700 per night. Since they were both listed on our budget,

The listing itself had a detailed description using words and pictures. Bill W had posted about 20 photos that showed the kitchen, the bedrooms, the backyard and the living room. There were also some spectacular views from the backyard as well. I was able to imagine myself and my 7 closest friends drinking beers on the deck while enjoying the Colorado sunset.

There were 2 options in order to contact Bill W. One was through a direct number or using an email inquiry form. I was using work time in order to do my bachelor party research so I didn’t want to call the direct number and let my coworkers hear what I was up to. Instead, I filled out the contact registration and noted that I wanted a call after 5PM.

5:05 PM, I get a phone call directly from Bill W. Over the phone, I was able to handle all of the logistics with Bill. He was able to take my deposit over the phone and even assisted me in setting up the bachelor party. I was required to leave a deposit of 50% and was able to use either AMEX, Mastercard or Visa. As soon as it was processed, I received an email on my smartphone of the reservation details and a receipt for the deposit.The 8 different guys attending this event were located from all over the US. We even had one guy fly in from Mexico. Everyone would be flying into Aspen Domestic Airport within a couple hours of each other so we had a van arranged to take us to the vacation house. When my flight landed, I was surprised to find Bill W waiting for me to hand me the keys and make sure everything was okay. Once the whole party was there, we took the van to the home while Bill drove separately in his own car to meet us there.

Bill walked us through the 3 story house and showed us where everything was located. It was exactly how I imagined it through the pictures on the website. After giving us the keys and writing down the internet password for us, Bill wished us a fun weekend and left. If anything were to happen and we needed help, we all had Bill’s phone number to call.

During my earlier conversations, I learned that there was an option to forgo cleanup and pay extra for a maid to come clean up afterwards. Generally, it is up to the customer to go through the house and tidy up the place. Being that we were going to be 8 people drinking for most of the weekend, I figured that it would be an arduous task come Monday morning. With thought to the future, I booked the maid to come take care of us afterwards.

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The weekend itself was a complete success. Albeit the fact that I sprained my ankle on the slopes, the drinking and time spent with my closest friends caused me to forget about my throbbing ankle. While packing on Monday morning, Bill W showed up with a takeaway container of coffee for us. With our bags packed we sipped coffee and regaled Bill of tales from the weekend. At this point, he seemed like a friend to us because of his helpful service throughout the process.

A couple of guys actually owned vacation homes and inquired with Bill on the ease of use while working with a site like Altogether, there is around 2500 different homes listed with around half of them being property managers like Bill. The other half of them being private owners who handle the details themselves. The cost goes to the owner of the property at $99 per year. There is also an option to try it out for 3 months free.

Overall, my experience with was a positive one. I was able to navigate through the website very easily and found exactly what I was looking for with ease. My experience with Bill was amazing and I do realize that different property managers do different things. The property looked exactly like it did in the pictures and I wasn’t surprised with any discrepancies. Everything was how it was described to be and I left with a good experience that I’ll always remember. My friend is now married and we still use Bill W to book our homes in Aspen. We actually have a trip planned next month to visit with our wives and children.

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