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I decided to combine a work conference with a family vacation since my job decided to pay for a hotel suite. It’s been quite some time since we’ve all gone somewhere as a family and with work being so busy, I decided to bring them along before the kids started school in September. For the entire weekend, I only needed to attend the convention center for a couple appointments that would last less than a couple hours. Other than that, my time could be spent with the kids and wife.

Visiting Las Vegas was a first for the entire family and neither my wife or I knew of what we can do there. The last vacation we took was a cruise in the Caribbean and loved it. Everything was provided for, we didn’t have to budget for anything and the activities were clearly marked on a schedule in our room. When finding travel information, I frequent a website called Exciting World Travels( One of their affiliates by the name of claimed that they provided the top restaurants and attractions at a low price. With one card, I was able to plan fun activities and all of the meals at one low price.


On the website for, it provided listings of what attractions and restaurants would be available to us. Being a savvy shopper and frequent investigator of all things, I Googled and Yelped every single attraction and restaurant on the list. Most of them had great ratings and for the price you pay for this card, it was definitely a significant savings compared to paying separately. With one purchase, I was able to plan and pay for all the meals and activities my family for the entire trip.

We checked into the hotel late Thursday evening and went straight to bed. The little ones were sleeping in our arms before we even made it to the room. Friday morning, we all had breakfast together at the Planet Hollywood Restaurant before my meetings at the convention center. Our breakfast was great and the card made it so easy to take care of everything. Tip isn’t included with the card so we left a little bit extra for our server who was fantastic. While I was at my meetings, the wife and kids decided to take advantage of the attractions pass and participate in the Hoover Dam Motor Coach Tour. It would be a good 5 hours so it gave me plenty of time for me to handle my meetings and maybe get in a game of blackjack while waiting for them to come back.

Five hours later, with my meetings finished, I met the family in front of the hotel when they returned. The older child couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the Hoover Dam was while the younger one was asleep in my wife’s arms. It was time for lunch so we headed to Cheeseburger Las Vegas. While eating, we browsed over the list and decided that we would head over to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.


In total, I believe we spent about 10 minutes inside the wax museum. As soon as my kids saw the wax Michael Jackson statue, they started screaming. The youngest had tears rolling down her eyes and buried her face into my wife’s lap. Something about these wax statues terrified the kids and after some attempts to encourage them to see more, we gave up and left. I didn’t want to go through this again so I let the kids decide on the next one. The older one chose the roller coasters at New York New York and the younger one decided on the dolphin shows at the Mirage. The younger child was too small to ride the roller coaster so I let my wife take our eldest on the ride while the younger one and I shared a cotton candy. The dolphin show at the Mirage was a combination of magic and dolphins. The kids even got a picture with the trainers and a dolphin.

For dinner, we decided on the Spice Market Buffet for it’s variety. It was a great selection and had great food. Before we even finished eating, the kids were dozing off from all of the walking and excitement earlier in the day. The wife and I ended up carrying them back to the hotel. In my mind, I compared the cost of the cards vs the money we would have spent for the day and it was a significant cost savings.

Because of our great experience with, I gave a pair of attractions cards to our in-laws on their trip to Hawaii. They loved the activities that were available and now they recommend it to all of their friends as well. Overall, for the price you pay versus what you get, this is a great option for someone who’s not too familiar with their vacation destination. All of the options available with this program are some of the most popular available for that city. Currently, – Review is available in top US vacation destinations such as New Orleans, Washington DC, Las Vegas, New York, Honolulu and Niagara Falls.

It was also extremely easy to use as well. Before dining, we handed our cards to our server and just walked up to the attractions we were interested in without any reservations. Our next family vacation is to New York and we will definitely be purchasing our meals and attractions through

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