Vythiri – A Perfect Getaway

Vythiri – A Perfect Getaway

Let your childhood fantasies spread wings. I realized my dream of living on tree tops at an exquisite place. You can also turn your fancy ideas into reality. This awesome place on earth is called Vythiri and it is in Kerala, a lesser known paradise in the God’s own country. Vythiri has everything that would make it a sought after tourism spot. Before the world flocks to this place, let you be those few to enjoy its wilderness.

Where is it?

Vythiri is a village located in Wayanad. Green hills guard it from all the sides, reflecting the tranquility of the shade. The place is situated at an altitude of 2600 feet above sea level. The misty atmosphere adds to the beauty and serenity of the place.

Large spice plantations are one of the major attractions of the place. The plantations comprise coffee, tea, cardamom as well as the black gold of Kerala – pepper. Surrounded by thick jungle, the place is apt for those who look for vacation spots within the premises of tropical rain forests.

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Tree Tops, Jeep Rides, Hanging Bridges & Much More!

Lodging is usually arranged on the top of the trees. These eco-lodges are equipped with all facilities. The rugged jungle paths lead to these tree lodges. The only mode of transportation available here are jeeps. Through the coffee and cardamom plantations, the path leads inside into the interiors of thick forests and ultimately to the tropical trees on which the houses are built. It does not end here. Hanging bridges lead you to the top! Amazing right? As I said in the beginning, this is the right place to unleash the kid in you.

Let me also add. You can also find tree houses with double rooms, inclusive of all the modern facilities like flush toilets, showers, wash basins, sit outs etc

I must say that all these set ups never hurt the harmony of nature here. The houses and other facilities are built in such a way that no harm is caused. Also the man made things are not much distinguishable from the natural ones. The things are fashioned in such a way that it looks like an extension of what you see all around.

Bio Diversity & Organic Food!

Bio diversity can be enjoyed at its best here. A wide variety of flora and fauna dots the whole place. Along with the tree houses, you may also find good eateries which serve delicious Kerala preparations. The food, mostly vegetarian, consists of ingredients from the nearby organic farms, with no pesticide or chemical content in it.

So are you ready to get back to those care free days of your childhood? Experience the easy going, relaxed life style, get embraced by beautiful sights from all around, enjoy good food and taste little bit of adventure. The virgin village of Vythiri would definitely be a soul stirring one for you.

How To Get There?

Nearest railway station: In Calicut (about 60 km).

Nearest airport: Karipur International Airport (Calicut).

About the author:
This article is authored by Janu Narayan who is one of the authors of the blog Kerala Ayurveda.


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