Warsaw, Poland – May 2006 – check out city and Free Time

Warsaw, Poland – May 2006 – check out city and Free Time

Warsaw Travel,June 24th, 2009
Get up this morning and have a powerhouse breakfast in the hotel of polish sausages and bacon and eggs.

Then get into our group and tour city of Warsaw.1294122_1245472813404_bigthumb Warsaw, Poland - May 2006

A very cool day, Warsaw rules! This morning started off with a Contiki city bus tour with our local guide. Although this tour, like most, was excruciatingly boring, I do appreciate them because they always give me an overview of what areas of a city to explore. One of the first spots of the tour was Warsaw’s former Jewish Ghetto. Currently it’s an open park with a monument commemorating these Nazi prisoners. As a history major, I have taken numerous courses involving WWII. So I was able to appreciate these people’s hardships a little more than most.

Instead of walking around the park with the rest of the tour group, I decided to sit on a park bench, close my eyes, and try to put myself in this very location during the early 1940’s.Besides driving around the major areas of the city, our final stop on the city tour was to Old Town. The old town is very beautiful, and reminded me of a nicer Stockholm old town. This perhaps is because Warsaw’s true old town was completely demolished, and was replicated years later. The group walked around the main square for about 10 minutes before our scheduled twenty minute documentary session, costing six Zloty per person.Checking out the few blocks of old town we luckily stumbled across the Little Insurgent statue. This statue although not impressive in terms of size or beauty, struck a cord with me.1294122_12454728136629_bigthumb Warsaw, Poland - May 2006

Unlike so many of the non-thought provoking monuments we’ve seen so far on tour, this one really was inspiring. The statue is of a small boy, probably no older than 8 years old. He is holding a rifle and wearing a soldier’s helmet limiting his vision, prepared to fight for his country if need be. A good reminder of how desperate measures can be during wartime.
Old town is really neat. From here I decide it is time for me to go on my own. Everyone here actually splits up as we been stuck together for a long long time. I walk around old town for a while and then go to a shopping centre and markets to check things out and buy some new clothes as I have not done any laundry in a long long time.

I head back to hotel and have an afternoon siesta and wait a while for supper.
In the evening I go down to lobby and meet with Steve from UK and decide on dinner. We go down town and make it to a British steak house and have dinner. ITs a great steak and wine, the servers are amazing looking and its over all a great time.
Tonight a group go to a Chopin concert, while rest of us stay at hotel. We then join with rest of group and another Contiki group and make it to some old style communist bar. We get to this dodgey backlane style of place and go in. The bar is downstairs and is really neat, there are all of these stripper poles everywhere.

We all get very drunk and end up taking turns on the stripper bars and its lots of fun. A big fun night and quite messy.

I won’t go into any more detail of what happened. Ask me later.1294122_12454728141097_bigthumb Warsaw, Poland - May 2006

We go back to hotel and have to locate one guy, Clinton who is missing and drunk, we find him knocking on his door but his roomate won’t let him in, too drunk.

Anyhow, long story short, what happened was CLinton never got into his room, he ended up passing out in the hotel’s elevator and slept, while the elevator went up and down all night. Very funny.

Anyhow, thats all for Warsaw, we are off to our final destination tomorrow, Berlin, Germany! stay with us.

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