Warsaw, Poland – May 2006

Warsaw, Poland – May 2006 | Warsaw Travel,June 23rd, 2009

We had an early 7:15 departure, which was alright since everyone went to bed early. Except for a few of us who just went to bed an hour earlier.

After a few rest stops and a short visit to the Brest Battle Memorial,This is too illustrate how the city of Brest was destroyed in the WWII. ITs quite an interesting site with amazing monuments.1294122_1245472530297_bigthumb Warsaw, Poland - May 2006

we made it to the Polish border. The crossing took a brutal 3 hours.Which was consider fast, as your tour leader said that last year group waited 9 hours.

The main reason, Belarus makes you wait and Poland and Belarus don’t like each other. AS well the only one they had an issue with was the Colonial, who they made get off the bus and photograph him inside.

During this time we enjoy our picnic lunch we bought from the supermarket the night before.

We finally make it into Poland, and we are all releived to leave Belarus and into civilization once again. At 6:00 we reached our hotel in Warsaw after a grueling day of driving. The hotel we stayed at is very plush. It is hard to believe Contiki booked this location at the prices we paid for this tour. The rooms have internet access, television, phone, refrigerator, coffeemaker, hairdryer, and so on. This Polish hotel is very upscale, even with my spoiled North American standards.1294122_12454725304812_bigthumb Warsaw, Poland - May 2006

Dinner tonight was phenomenal, and very elegant. It felt a little different eating off fine china and drinking from wine glasses.1294122_12454725303381_bigthumb Warsaw, Poland - May 2006

Our meal included mushroom soup (amazing), chicken breast with potatoes, and a fruit salad for dessert. Tour Manager Pete was cool enough to tell the chef I was one of the few special dieters on tour, and had fish instead. It was a nice change of pace since we’ve had chicken for dinner many times this last week.
This meal was best meal in a long long time, totally a great change of pace.

After dinner we go upstairs to the hotel bar for a few beers and figure out rest of the night.

We leave hotel and go for a walk down the street and find an outdoor tent of a beer garden! We stay here for a while and enjoy Polish beer which is nice and cheap.

We go for a another walk around the town and have some Macdonalds before heading back to hotel for rest of the night. We were going to go to a nightclub but a few other members wanted to turn in early tonight.

So onto the next day. Stay Tuned@

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