Ways to Get Sick while Travelling

Although I have always been very careful with everything that has to do with my health, there comes a time when you just miss a tiny little thing and you eventually Ways to Get Sick while Travelling Although you have always been very careful with everything that has to do with you’re health, but there comes a time that you eventually get sick while on a holiday cruise or a dream vacation. while on a holiday cruise or a dream vacation.

As those unpleasant times have piled up during the years and after having talked it over with many fellow travelers, I have come up with the most important factors that can get you in big time trouble.

Getting Sick From Food

15154692_s Ways to Get Sick while TravellingTo begin with, one should never (ever) get over his/her stomach’s limit when sampling a foreign cuisine, because it might all be oh, so challenging but you eventually run the risk of spending half (even more than half!) of your time running in the nearest bathroom (imagine you are not close to one and picture the seriousness of this condition). So, always go for the middle ground.

Of course, no one will ever tell you that the food you eat at home is safer than the food you are served abroad, but there will be many to tell you that your digestive system has been accustomed to the food you eat and that makes the whole difference. Most of times, though, the reason why we get sick when travelling abroad is that people abroad use more natural fertilizers when growing their food, which leave some types of bacteria that could be held responsible of intestinal distress. Those people don’t do anything bad; we are just not used to it.

But, we do have an ally to prevent us from getting sick and that is the World Health Organization that provides useful information to all people that intend to travel abroad. Simply check their website and make sure the country you are heading for is not going down by any kind of illness and that it is not affected in any way.

By the way, has anyone heard of the traveler’s mantra that goes a bit like: peel it, wash it, cook it or just forget all about it? Well, THAT says it all. Anything you can peel, cook or clean and eat is probably safe, while raw food is more likely to hit the emergency alarm in our stomachs.

Before I forget, prefer sealed packages of ketchup, mayonnaise and salad dressings…No need to say why, I believe!

Street Vendors:

vendor scams Ways to Get Sick while Travelling

vendor scams

Hmmm…risky. At least watch out for the kiosk or the cart. Is it clean? (Or at least, does it LOOK clean?). Make sure you get a HOT served dish as it is more probable that any hostile «intruders» will burn themselves down if cooked in high temperatures.

Restaurants: Go with the flow. If people line up to get food from a particular restaurant then it is probably good and clean. Many people found themselves sick from eating food that has been in the kitchen shelves or fridges for quite some time. Oh, and another thing: Order your food well-done…skip the «classy» medium-well (not to mention raw) for when you get home and you know who is serving it and how.

Ask the locals. Yes, they are the number one and most reliable sources of getting safe food in a country you know nothing more than just a few hellos and good mornings. (Get a dictionary and try to ask. Locals are usually nice and friendly and they help once a tourist needs any kind of help!)

Water is to Blame

Using water to wash our hands or our food is not necessarily THE best travel tip one could ever give as the bottom line is to do all the previously described (and anything else that has to do with water, from bathing to drinking) with SAFE water, otherwise a cascade of health problems might be knocking on our doors.

It is well advised to drink lots of water so as to help our immune be in great spirits, but we should do it the right way.

And another thing….Having a shower with the mouth open…..well….not much appreciated! So, keep your mouths sealed and enjoy your bath or shower.

The same applies to brushing your teeth, using ice-cubes for any drink preparation or just to have a glass of cool water. Better buy some bottled water to help yourself and be aware of broken bottle seals as the water in that bottle may simply be tap water.

Hey, I didn’t mention anything about drinking fresh milk or non-pasteurized dairy products while travelling abroad; as I believe it makes sense as to why we shouldn’t perform such risky stunts.

Moreover, alcoholic drinks are different in every country, due to their various alcohol levels, so be careful when drinking abroad for the side-effects of drinking. As for beverages….let’s just stick to sealed containers…

Blame it on the Poor Immune?

Airports, hotels, planes and other public places are known to be rampant with germs as many people come and go and who will ever bother to care for their hygienic cleaning? However, even if somebody DID care enough, there would probably be nothing they could actually do as we are talking of hundredths of thousands of people passing by and spreading their very personal germs all around! So, we need to keep our immune system at its best and highest possible levels by getting a good night’s sleep and giving ourselves the pleasure of resting every once in a while (!).

What is more, any lack of vitamins will eventually drop your immune, so rest assure that once you forgot to feed well and healthy or you have  left your vitamin supplements for tomorrow, you have automatically put yourself to the danger zone of getting sick even by a small cough of a person that has a flu.

On the other hand, it is commonly seem that people party like a rock start once they step foot in another country, as if they were trapped in a cage all along. Well, partying is nice but moderation is better, so keep your strengths as you will need them for getting the best out of the rest of your trip.

A good way out of some major problems when getting sick is to prevent that from happening, so precaution is rule number one. Get your vaccinations prior to your trip and you have given yourself a pretty good go for the fore-coming experience. Just keep your immune partying with lots of rest and fluids, as well as vitamins so that you get the party of a lifetime when far away from your home base.

Let’s Talk about Sanitation

11854539_s Ways to Get Sick while TravellingFor the Ladies we suggest carrying your own sanitary napkins is not a bad idea as it can spare you from any undesired sickness while visiting the country of your likes. People that usually don’t keep in mind to wipe down some main areas in their hotel room, like the control of the TV and the bathroom, which is where our hands most reach out for, elevate the risk of getting invaded by germs.

In fact, I almost rub the skin off my hands every time I travel abroad, from washing them thoroughly and wiping them off with a sanitary napkin! But that surely has given me more carefree (and sick-free) time to enjoy my stay or my holidays.

Oh…by the way…after a hand-shake, better remember to clean your hands with a nice alcohol-based hand gels or sanitizers, or the plain antibacterial wipes. They could be life savers!

Plane Bacteria

Well, this might sound strange or funny, but there have been lots and lots of people that got sick while they were sitting in a plane that has delayed to take off! There is a simple explanation for that, though, and that is the fact that when planes are cruising over the Earth, their powerful ventilation systems are great shields towards any bacteria, while the air quality of a grounded plane (especially when its take off has delayed) is poor and a fine medium of spreading a disease.

Now, if you ask me as to what we can do it such a case….my answer is … pray you are not grounded for long!

Bugs: Keep Off my Property.

I have heard lots and lots of people getting drugged in the emergencies of a hospital because they had granted themselves with a mosquito-borne illness, such as the Dengue fever (but there are so many more, believe me).

Best precaution is, of course, to have your arsenal of drugs fully equipped with anything you might need while on foreign soil, such as non-aerosol bug-sprays. Apply your bug repellent thoroughly and never leave without it even in major cities (bugs fly an

3950528_s Ways to Get Sick while Travelling

ywhere, you know) and save yourself a lot of hardship.

Footwear and Sun Precaution

Another way to avoid getting any kind of hardship is to walk wearing shoes or your own slippers, whenever you are inside your room or out in the streets. Never leave your foot bare, even in the beach, just to keep away from any infections.

Of course, always apply your sun block and keep in the shade if you aren’t used to high temperatures and bright sun. You don’t want to spend the rest of your vacation or trip inside a hotel room feeling nausea and sick, don’t you?

Bottom Line

Now, let’s get serious (not that we were making fun of anything so far) and say the following: Getting sick while travelling is a highly likely inevitable case one will have to deal with, since the moment we step our foot out of our doors and our eating and lifestyle habits we might as well get our system working in different paces and ways that is not accustomed to. All that usually ends up in immune-exhaustion and that is where all happen. Prevention is the key…as well as moderation…

Now you know some bits and pieces, you can avoid those few factors that could get you sick while traveling. There are so many other ways to get sick, anyway!!!!

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