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By: Catherine Cicuttini

I’m at a little salon in Huntsville Ontario, having my hair and make-up trial done for my up coming wedding.  The make-up artist is concerned about the amount of freckles that I am currently sporting.  Coming from a family of Gingers, freckles are almost always a given, even though I managed to avoid the red hair.  I politely tell her I have just returned from a destination wedding in Costa Rica, thus explaining the excessive freckling.  As the make-up artist chatters on about the state of my skin, I let my mind wander back to Costa Rica.


We arrived late in the evening on a Tuesday at the Westin Playa Conchal in the Province of Guanacaste.  My Fiancée and I were both very excited for a relaxing vacation.  We have a habit of trying to fit too many excursions in our vacations and not leaving enough time for rest.  The first night we enjoyed the wonderful Westin beds and slept peacefully.

Reconnect with Friends

Over the course of the next few days we enjoyed the company of the many people that had flown in for the wedding.  We reconnected with old friends, enjoyed dining out every evening and made full use of the swim up bar.  We loved watching the wedding ceremony take place on the beach and captured some absolutely amazing pictures. The reception was fun filled and full of heartfelt words and laughter.  Our goal to have a relaxing vacation was easily reached.

The make-up artist revealing my made-up face with a flourish brings me back from my daydream.  I can assure you that my daydream was much more enjoyable than trying to tell this lady that I don’t want to look like a four year old did my make-up on my wedding day.  I somehow manage and then hit the road back to Toronto with my wedding planner.  We chat the entire way back to Toronto and she drops me of

f at my Uncle’s right in time for dinner.

The next day my Mom drops me off at the airport to fly back to Albert

a.  I drift in and out of consciousness the whole way and continue daydreaming about all of the weddings we have to attend within the next year.  Including our own we have four weddings to attend, one of which is in Mexico.  My Mom and Dad are also invited to the Mexico wedding.  My Father has very strong feelings regarding destination weddings; he doesn’t like them.  I think this is mostly because he hates flying, also the cost.   I’ve tried to explain to him that most weddings, for some of the guests, end up being a destination wedding.  Take ours for example; we have family and friends flying from Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Connecticut and Australia.  Even my Fiancée and myself have to travel across the country for our own wedding.  Regardless of where you decide to get married, it is fairly likely that you will have some guests that have to travel to attend.

Time at Resort

What I am most excited about for our wedding is that we’ve made a weekend event out of it.  We can enjoy the company of the people we’ve invited from Thursday until Sunday.  When you plan a destination wedding in a tropical location you generally get a whole week.   You meet new people, enjoy the company of old friends, make plans with family and you leave with a suntan and smile on your face.

Destination Weddings Worth a Try

Yes destination weddings can be expensive for the guests to attend.  However it is your choice to attend.  If you don’t want to spend the money to have a holiday and celebrate a marriage then don’t.  We may have another wedding to attend next year in Greece and looking at it from a financial point of view we probably won’t be able to attend.  That’s not to say we won’t try, we just are being realistic about the cost.  Our friends will understand and know we will be there in spirit.

I wake up to the sound of the pilot announcing our final descent.  I’m looking forward to being at home and continuing on with our wedding planning.  I call my Mom and Dad when I get home to let them know I landed safely.  My Dad makes me laugh as usual and my Mom says she can’t wait to see me this summer.  I tell them I love them and say good-bye and think to myself that I’m very glad that I didn’t have to tell my Dad that I was getting married in Mexico.  Maybe that’s the biggest reason we didn’t?

 Catherine Cicuttini

 Catherine has been writing since she’s been old enough to know how.  Most of her work has been poetry and short stories.  She has plans in the near future to start and complete a degree in Journalism.  Currently she works part-time in the Spa Industry and spends her weekdays, writing, cooking, attending yoga classes and playing with her puppy Bennie the Beagle.

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