What to Wear for a Fancy Dinner – Take 2

What to Wear for a Fancy Dinnerimages

When you travel, you don’t pack clothes that will just make you beach or vacation ready. For experienced travelers (and based from what I have experienced as well), you should also have a formal dress. This is not just applicable for women but also for men.
Unexpected evenings like an impromptu invitation for a fancy dinner should not put you into panic mode. You only need to know one rule of thumb before you travel. Never forget that formal wear. Never think that there might be a store nearby where you can buy this and that. You better be ready than sorry, right?
Now, the question you have in mind is ‘what should I wear?’
We are not going to make you slash your pocket here big time. The goal of this article is to make you feel that ‘less is more’. Personally, I do not want the inconvenience of having a big extra expense especially while I am traveling. Like any travelers, I already have an allotted budget for my trips and unexpected expenses like this are a big NO for me as long as I can avoid it. For that fancy dinner, there is no need for that super model get up for you. Be yourself and have that dress make you feel comfortable all throughout the event.

Casual Dinner:

Since there is a lot of purpose for a fancy dinner, you can only be invited to a dinner with friends or an event that does not need for a formal wear while you are traveling. Nonetheless, you still need to dress to impress. A vacation does not mean you can get away with just wearing ‘I-just-got-out-of-bed attire.

Did you meet someone new while you are on vacation or bump into someone you have not seen in years? This calls for a fancy but relaxing dinner. For both, you want a dress where you will be comfortable but not will be tag as too simple. Your goal is to know that you are good catch – that is for someone you just met. On the other hand, you want the other party that you are doing good in your life by dressing up accordingly and properly. Either of the two, overall impression is important.

For Women Going Out

For women, you may opt for jeans that will show your curves. Choose a different color and not just the usual blue to make it less simple. For the top, you can choose something that you can tucked-in to your jeans. To complete the attire, you can put on a pair of flats. Do not forget to bring a fancy coat or blazer that fits you if it becomes chilly as the night progress.
For men, there is less choice when it comes to dressing up. Nevertheless, you still need to go out there and impress in a less formal way. Pants (choose a color other than blue) and a plain polo top will do. You can up the ante by putting a fancy cardigan on top of your polo. You can complete it by wearing your usual shoes you wear at work.

Dinner Event:

If you have been invited to a dinner slash specific event, what you wear depends on the theme. However, this will be on a more formal or semi-formal kind of event. You need more ‘looks’ on this compared to the casual dinner.
For women, if it is a formal dinner event, a nice evening fitting dress that will show your curves and shoulders will be perfect. If you are not too comfortable with bare shoulders, you can cover yourself up with an elegant shawl. You can wear a fancy stiletto shoes to match up your attire. Do not forget those extra accessories like a pair of jewelry but don’t go overboard. Remember the rule of seven. Going beyond this number, you are over doing it already.

On Beach

If it is just an event by the seaside or beach, either a short or long flowing dress would be great. Short will be best when during summer time and the latter would be just right for fall or winter time. You can even go barefoot on this one. You can have that pearl earrings and necklace to complete your attire.
For men, it is time to put on that suit and tie as there is no more appropriate dress than this. Pair this up with a slacks and shoes. Look for any wrinkled portion on the dress. You don’t want any of that while you are in this great attire. With men, just that elegant watch will complete that get up.
On the other hand, if it is a beach-side event, you can a polo shirt with some nature prints on it would be great. You can pair it up with khaki pants to make it still look semi-formal and any comfortable yet still classy footwear.

Be Comfortable

Remember, even if you have the best dress in the event, if you are not feeling comfortable with it, it will show. Your actions will speak louder as you will start to act uneasy al throughout. Now, you do not want this way to get everybody’s attention, right?
Whatever the reason is for your travel, the best dress that you can wear is yourself and the best accessory you can have is your confidence. If you can start a good conversation to anyone in the event, your dress will just be a secondary concern for them. You will win the attention of anyone that will care less what you are wearing for that event.

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