What’s in Your Carry-on Luggage?

What’s in Your Carry-on Luggage?What’s in Your Carry-on Luggage

What’s in Your Carry-on Luggage?

With the ever growing number of backpackers around the world now (that includes me), packing light is the best way to travel. For me, I always make sure that I keep it to less than 15 kilos and in just one carry-on luggage. And as a woman, it is a tough challenge to keep it to a minimum. You have to master the art of minimalism. Keep your baggage to its most bare necessities. When you do, you will realize that you do not need all the stuff you thought you need. Besides, along the way, you might have to throw or give away some of your stuff to keep to your goals of packing light. However, if you really cannot avoid of bringing too much stuff, just make sure you put your more important things in your carry-on luggage.

So, how can you go about it?

Bare EssentialsBare Essential

Try to live your life in its most basic form. Have you ever thought of the earliest man being able to live with just scratching two stones to create a fire – a fire that will serve as their heater and to cook their food?  Why can’t we do it now? It is because of our exposure to technologies that makes our lives easier. Try taking them out of your life. It might be tough but you will realize that you can still breathe and survive the day without it. You can still live. Think of this when choosing the things you need to pack on your luggage. A light pack will not only save you space but money, too. You do not want to pay for extra luggage fee, right? And let’s not talk about some shoulder pains if you like bringing backpacks during your travels.

What You Need

Based on my experiences (and with other travelers I met along the way), these things are pretty much what you need:

MPT (Money, passport and ticket). You can actually put in a separate body bag as you will need it in between flights. But they will surely fit perfectly in your carry-on luggage.

Body bag. While touring around the city, it is best to have your bag to your body while your hands are free to move as you do your point and shoot activities.

Clothes. A one-week clothing is what you need. You might say it is impossible but look at it in a more practical view. And choose wisely. Bring basic outfits like a cotton shirt that is very light to pack. This one is easier to dry up when you wash it. Also, include a multi-wear or versatile cloth or dress then match it up with a scarf. Jeans is one of this – a universal wear, actually. Skirt is also an option for girls and cargo pants for the boys.

Medical/ first aid kit. My health and safety is my topmost concern – and should be yours, too. I am thankful that I am not easily attracted to viruses. Maybe, it is in the genes or lifestyle, too. Whatever the reason is, I do not let my guards down when travelling. Getting sick during traveling is the what kills the fun. I make sure that I do not forget my medical kit with me. One that is always included is headache tablet. I get that a lot so it is very wise to have one handy every time I need it. And do you like camping or staying in home stays? Your insect repellent is your best friend during these times.

Gadgets. Yes, you need it but try not to have it all in your carry-on luggage. You are allowed to put your celfon in your body bag or even your music player. Anything else, it will be in your carry-on luggage. The need for communications is inevitable even during travels so have one that is always on to your side. My iPhone is the one that is near to me most of the times. Aside from being a great GPS navigator, it also serves as my access to the internet, information feeder and keep-in-touch phone even when I am away from my family. Don’t forget powerbank gadgets, too. If you are a tech freak and you are always using your gadgets for work purpose, this will save your day – always. Footwear. If you are not attending a formal or big event to where you are going, 2 sets of footwear will be just fine. Sandals and slippers will be perfect for your vacation. Nowadays, a slippers you can flip to shrink the size of it is readily available in the market. This saves space in your luggage and a great companion, too. Now, it is a different story if you are a mountain climber or runner. You need more like your most reliable rubber shoes.

Toiletries. Just what you need – shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion and after bath essentials likes moisturizer, facial wash and toner. Need anything more? However, be aware that some airlines put some restrictions on just how much you can bring at the plane. Some requires less than 100ml for your toner and facial wash.

Make-ups. Again, do you need to go to a big event? If not, a press powder, lipstick and a blush on is what you just need. Just like what I need. Well, lucky for men, as they do not have to worry about these much.

Bringing in too much things during your travel is not only a big inconvenience but is also a big stress on your part. I feel as lucky as I have not lost a single baggage yet during my entire trips. Well, that is because I always make sure there is only one carry-on luggage with me. Like I said, it is my goal to keep it at 15 kilos or less. If not, I have to master the art of process of elimination. There is too much stuff and surely, there are some things there that I do not really need. Of all the fears I have in traveling, having my baggage lost is what I feared the most. Never mind that big jump in Macau tower, I can take that but not a lost baggage!

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