Whistler, BC Ski Resort, My First Ski Resort Trip

Whistler, BC Ski Resort, My First Ski Resort Trip

Whistler, BC Ski Resort, My First Ski Resort Trip Feb 2009 Ski trip

Whistler, BC Ski Resort, My First Ski Resort Trip Depart T bay – West-jet with back tracking over to Torontofor 4 hour lay over till my flight to Vancouver. At this time enjoying my overpriced turkey sandwich and bottled water. I am writing this report now. A few people also in this WIFI spot. First time with my new mini laptop. It works amazing well.
Will keep updated later on once I get to Whistler 815am
1130 am
Finally get onto my flight to Vancouver BC,  a wonderful four and half hour flight with including another 3 hour bus trip from Vancouver to Whistler BC.

Whistler, BC Ski Resort, My First Ski Resort Trip

Whistler Village

It worked out quite well as I was able to sleep for over 3 hours on the flight over. When
I woke up, I looked out my window to see the great Canadian Rockies below, an amazing sight.
I have to say the flight with West-jet was one of my best airline companies I flown with.

Arriving into Vancouver about 20 minutes early, got my luggage then proceeded to the desk of Pacific Coach, the transfer for getting to Whistler. Found out that I can get on the bus that was leaving right there, so no need to wait an hour. So I took the ride on the bus.

The ride from Vancouver to Whistler was bout 3 hours or less. Travel through Vancouver to get to the Sea to Ski highway. The only road up to the ski resorts. Small and windy road. Amazing scenery along ths route. Lots of mountains and lakes, just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride.

Whistler, BC Ski Resort, My First Ski Resort Trip

An amazing journey to which I recommend everyone to do once in their lifetime.

Holiday Inn Sun spree Resort

Check into hotel, Holiday Inn Sun spree Resort, nice hotel, but not a resort. Room is a nice room, with electric fireplace, kitchenette, whirl pool bathtub and coffee maker. Could not complain.

As it was already early evening, no time for a ski as runs close around 330pm.
Went about a walk out of the Whistler Village and check out the scene. Went to the Affinities rental shop at Black comb hotel to get my rental skis. On a tight budget so I ended up eating at good  McDonald for this evening. Being thrifty.
Turn in abit early this evening, even though its a Friday night, like to get first run as soon lifts open tomorrow at 830am.

Day 2  Feb 8th 2009

Up this morning, have great bk of granola’s and potato chips, breakfast of champions,
Walk through the village to the lift and no line, to get on the gondola.

Whistler, BC Ski Resort, My First Ski Resort Trip

Great views first time skiing on an actual mountain. My first run was amazing over 20 to 30 minutes of cons-taint skiing. Absolutely amazing. Fantastic snow conditions and great challenging runs.

Skiing On Whistler Mountain

Take most of the day on the Whistler mountain, using mostly green runs and some blue.
Spent entire day skiing to the point of exhaustion. It was near the end of the day for the last run. So I decided to try a Black comb mountain. I took all the lifts right to top of the mountain. I proceeded to a more challenging run and right away my leg muscles decided to quit on me. I was not able to bend my legs or anything to make any turns, I was forced to push myself sideways down the rest of the mountain. An incredible long experience as to which I would like not to experience again.

Once back on to main ground, I basically dragged myself back to my room, to which I got in a well deserved rest.

Whistler, BC Ski Resort, My First Ski Resort Trip

Top of the Peak

Day 3 to 4  Feb 8 to 9 2009

Basically the same here, just woke up early each day for skiing.
Went to try out the Peak to Peak gondola at top of Whistler. Which is a gondola that connects both mountains. An amazing scenic ride that all must do.
Walking around the village of Whistler, went over to check out the Upper Village. Where the famous Four Seasons and Fair-mount hotel is located. More for the rich and famous people to stay at.

An amazing little town in which shall be very prime during the 2010 Olympics.

Day 5 – Feb 10 2009

Take bus this morning back into Vancouver. Dropped off at Hyatt Hotel and had to walk 10 blocks to my hotel I booked on Grenville Street. The Best Western Chateau.
In the heart of the entertainment district of the city.
Once to the room, spent over 30 minutes trying unsuccessfully to connect to hotels so called free wireless internet.

Whistler, BC Ski Resort, My First Ski Resort Trip

Once connected I found out I had to pay over 20 bucks just to use the service. So I didn’t bother and just used the café downstairs.

I went about the downtown to sightsee. Around Canada Place, downtown then over to Stanley Park. Walk around entire Stanley Park and whole island. Very nice weather our, people sailing boats in the harbor.
Great weather year round out there and lots of green grass. Went to see the totem poles at the park and the water front.
Only one day in Vancouver, so only could cover a small portion. I hope to return to this amazing city and take in more of its amazing lifestyle in the near future.


overall a good place

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