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great group10711604_658953330879512_1112636552_nWild Root Safaris and Adventures is a unique tours and travel company committed to excellent service and guaranteed customer satisfaction. We boast years of quality, reliable Travel, tourism, car Hire and hotel
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We cater for all classes of tourists, from the luxury category to shoestring budgets. Our safaris cover all three African countries, a region bestowed with great variety and concentration of wild animals, birds, scenic beauty and culture in such diversity and abundance.

Wild Root Safaris and Adventures has much experience in arranging ecotourism/ historic tours/Cultural tours. Come and experience African rural life several historical sites serve as reminders of the strong Arabic influence later German and British period.

Kilimanjaro with its gleaming glaciers, is a magnificent mountain. It stands majestically amidst vast open plains, inviting you to the challenge to climb to the top through the farms, rain forest, pass through the moorland, to highland desert and witness the eternal snow on “The Roof of Africa.”

The Mountain

Kilimanjaro stands 330 kms south of the equator, on the northern boundary of Tanzania. Its location on an open plain close to the Indian Ocean, and its great size and height strongly influence the climate and thus its vegetation, animal life and climbing conditions.

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. It is composed of three extinct volcanoes: Kibo 5895m (19340ft), Mawenzi 5149m (16896ft), and Shira 3962m (13000ft). It is one of the worlds highest free standing mountains, its bulk looming 4800m above an undulating plain that averages 1000m above sea level.

mountainOn a clear day, it can be seen from more then 150 kms away. Its peak is permanently snow covered, though only 3 degrees below the equator. Kilimanjaro can be climbed by any physically fit person. No climbing experience is necessary.

A larger, central communal living, surrounded by a village of small sleeping huts along the Marangu Route. Other routes lack the essential facilities available along the Marangu Route.


Kilimanjaro can be climbed at any time of the year, but there are two rainy seasons – Late March to Mid June and October to November. The best Months are January to March and July to October, usually cloudless days. During the day temperature at 4000m tends to be 15°C. When the sun is covered, temperatures drop. At night, temperature falls to -10°C. At the summit, temperatures are about 5°C during the day and drop to between -18°C and -22°C at night.top gy10721161_658953404212838_1646158611_n

Porters and guides accompany each group. The Kilimanjaro Central Control Unit has a reliable, equipped rescue team on the Marangu route. Equipment such as sleeping bags, mountain boots, thick sweaters, balaclava, gloves and so on are required, but we can arrange to have this equipment rented and ready for you to use. Kilimanjaro is not just a mountain to conquer, but also changing scenes and landscapes to enjoy, and rich in a wide variety of birdlife, flora and fauna.


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