WPZOOM – review

WPZOOM – review

WPZOOM - Premium WordPress Themes WPZOOM - review

Premium WordPress Themes

WPZOOM provides themes for WordPress websites.  All websites have a theme.  Themes are format options with gadgets for website designs.  Consider the purpose of your WordPress website and the options you need (as well as your need to be able to customize).  You might decide to focus on text, photos or have a balance in between.  Do you need to write long text like letters or reports?  Would it be better to have briefer blog posts and more images? Maybe you want mostly images if you’re selling product.  A website designer like WPZOOM makes a number of these choices and then offers you packages which they categorize by themes.


WPZOOM is located in Moldova.  Its principals are four young men, who come with WordPress design and support expertise not to be outdone by an older crowd.  You can tell when a website is proud of its product because the principals put their names and photos online.
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There are four major themes available for sale on WPZOOM for WordPress.  They are:

Business:  The business category is designed for different types of ventures.

Hotelia,” a subcategory, is focused on hotels.  Perfectly designed with expected tabs like “accommodations” or room descriptions, a reservation gadget and a nice broad slideshow format for images, this theme is “ready to go” for any hotel or B&B operation.

“Petit” is another business subcategory.  This template is oriented to a recipe website. Those websites are so popular now.  I love Smitten Kitchen. The “Petit” theme could also be used for restaurants.  More of the homepage space layout is devoted to images.

The “Venture” subcategory has a custom homepage, twelve widgets, is “fully customizable,” and fits any screen like iPhones and iPads.  It has a built-in portfolio showcase as well as a place for client testimonials.  If you offer a service, you should take a close look at this theme.
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The “Prime” format is focused on products.  It can also be used to showcase portfolios.

There are twelve subcategories to “Business,” and they can all be customized to your needs.

Want to start an online school? “Erudito” is an “education/business” style which has all the expected options for a university website.  It can also be dapted for business use.

WPZOOM - Premium WordPress Themes WPZOOM - review

Professional & Impressive Themes


Magazine/News – The second major theme category is “Magazine/News.”   The default template is in a normal magazine style.  There are also newspaper and boxed newspaper options.  You can control the number of columns, move your photos around and use these for business, too.


“Origin Mag” is a sleek, sophisticated design by Oleg Dubinovich.  The website name banner is large and clean.  Then, the viewer sees an oversized centered image.  Below that is a triple-image layout, which allows for commentary under each image.


There are twelve subcategories in “Magazine/News,” but some of these are in “Business,” too.


Portfolio – “Portfolio,” the third broad theme category, has seven subcategories.  These templates are mostly focused on different visual layouts. WPZOOM offers live demos for each template in all theme categories.  “Portfolio” is a place to show off your work.


The subcategory “graphix” is “a portfolio and gallery theme” especially nice for photographers, painters, architects, graphic or interior designers.  A virtual gallery has an unlimited audience.  WPZOOM offers a subcategory, “Gallery,” too.


Multimedia.  “Multimedia” is the fourth thematic category.  It includes a subcategory called “Videozoom,” a “video/multimedia” template ready for multiple videos on the home page.


Free. WPZOOM gives away some WordPress themes. “Bonpress” has a nice, clean layout with a left menu that lists Home, About, Archives, Shortcodes, Dropdown, and Contact.  Its “Follow Me” options include Facebook, Twitter, and Dribble. “Dribble is show and tell for designers.” The “Bonpress” theme also has a built-in Search option.

When you purchase a WPZOOM theme, you get free expert support, for life. Search Engine Optimization is built into each theme.

WPZOOM provides step-by-step instructions on how to install themes.

They include custom shortcodes to use with WordPress. These are easy to use html shortcuts. Similar to keyboard shortcuts, shortcodes make your website designing or updating faster and easier. With the “slideshow shortcode,” you can create great slideshows directly in your posts.

WPZOOM designers specialize in WordPress.  They are focused on making your WordPress experience the best it can be.  WordPress is “the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world.” You can also get private consultations with the design team for an additional fee.   It’s easy to request a quote.

The Standard Membership package provides access to 40+ themes and more as they are developed for a $199 signup fee plus $9/month.  The Developer Membership (“Ideal for Agencies”) requires a $299 signup plus $19/month with access to current and new themes and Photoshop layered files.  If you just want a couple of themes, you can pay a $69 flat fee.  For three themes and Photoshop layered files, you pay $149. All WPZOOM packages include the support forum, free theme updates and documentation and tutorials.  Those who cancel membership packages have to pay the signup fee again to rejoin.

WPZOOM - review - Premium WordPress Themes


If you become a WPZOOM affiliate, you will get 25% of each sale generated through your affiliate link.

It’s a lot of work to build a website.  You don’t want to try it from scratch.  Leave that to the WPZOOM experts.  They have so many templates you’re sure to find one that fits just right.  If not, you can easily tweak it yourself or call in one of the WPZOOM team members to help you out.


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