Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Your Second Honeymoon in Costa Rica

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married – one year to sixty years and even beyond – you can take a beautiful trip to Costa Rica. A second honeymoon is definitely a good idea, and an investment in a lasting relationship. There are 5 great reasons especially to look at your second honeymoon today.


1) It’s Exotic

Costa Rica is exotic and rare, and instantly becomes a lifelong memory. Even the difference in climate can spark an ongoing passion. Costa Rica has a rugged, larger-than-life landscape with the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. The wildlife is primal, with fantastical jungle beasts and plants of all colors. Enjoy the exotic experience of a new land with a loving partner.


2) It’s Affordable

Costa Rica is affordable, in more than one way. The resorts tend to be less expensive than many American resorts (which also come without the exotic experience). Also, the freshest foods are cheaper, because they can be pulled naturally from the surrounding areas. Life in Costa Rica can be great on a budget. Enjoy the tropical life without the exorbitant costs.


3) It’s Exciting

A Costa Rica honeymoon resort has opportunities for everything. Fishing or hunting, sports, and exploring are all some great ways to spend the time. A second honeymoon is a chance to have an adventure with the person you love. Enjoy the excitement of a new place and new opportunities to have a primal, wild, love-filled adventure.costa-rica-waterfall


4) There’s Great Weather All Year Round

Costa Rica has an average temperature of 76 degrees. Perfect. Because there is a tropical sea on one side, an ocean on the other, and mountains in the middle, the climate can change between very short distances. No matter where you go in Costa Rica, you can find the perfect weather. And because Costa Rica is so close to the equator, the seasons are not so drastic. This is perfect for a honeymoon that won’t freeze you and won’t melt you.


5) It’s Hopelessly Romantic

Costa Rica fosters a romantic environment. This is specifically great for a second honeymoon. Beautiful skies, temperate locale, and exotic vibes can be exceptionally romantic. You won’t know the feeling until you go. The romance built in Costa Rica can improve the mentality and provide a happy lasting relationship and memories that are worth treasuring.


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