Zimbabwe – Laidback Harare Is Rising From Ashes

Title:  Laidback Harare Is Rising From Ashes

Harare, capital of Zimbabwe

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Harare the capital of Zimbabwe is widely recognised for its laidback charm. Wide roads lined with indigenous plants give this destination an authentic African touch that compels tourists to explore this city where museums, wildlife safaris and stylish bars are raring for your attention. Harare of today is characterised by modern buildings, wide thoroughfares and countless parks and garden and above all a pleasant climate. In addition, the capital of Zimbabwe attracts attention with its cultural and historical heritage that further adds to its beauty. This one of the largest cities in the country acts as a jumping off point for several nearby attractions. And perhaps it is the reason flights to Harare remains filled to capacity despite the fact the city doesn’t ranks on business potentials.

The wanderers who are planning a trip to Harare should visit this destination in the months from April to August. The climate remains good round the year so you can visit this destination irrespective of the season.

The situation of law and order might have improved but it is always wise to remain conscious. There is no language barrier as the English is official language here. But other languages like Shona and Ndebele are widely spoken here.

The city attractions are located at distances so you need to hire a car to explore its different tourist attractions. Apart from these, there are taxis and minibuses to take you from one destination to another.

Harare boasts of a great cultural legacy and the city is home to a large number of buildings that are worth watching. The Mining Pension Fund Building at Central Avenue is one such attraction that is highly frequented by tourists. Those who want to see arts and craft of the country should visit The National Gallery that showcases an interesting collection of artefacts of national importance besides hosting travelling international exhibitions. The visitors should also steal some time to go to National Archives that houses a large collection of diaries, notebooks and reports of various origins. The list of city attractions doesn’t ends here as the city offers a string of other attractions that includes the Queen Victoria Museum and the Harare City Library (formerly the Queen Victoria Memorial Library). These places are highly thronged by tourists visiting this city.

There are wide stretches of greenery in the city and visitors tired of humdrum of city life can visit these green spaces for a change. Botanic Gardens spread over 68ha of land house more than 900 species of wild trees and shrubs from different parts of Zimbabwe. The Mukuvisi Woodlands spread over 277 ha of land is another green space that invites tourists for an enchanting experience. Here the guests can see animal species that include giraffe, zebra, impala, tsessche, wildebeest, bushbuck, steenbuck, reed buck and eland.

Those who want to buy something for souvenir should buy curios and artwork. There is no dearth of hotels and accommodation in the city. Harare is also abuzz with nightlife options so tourists will enjoys a good time. For a better understanding of the city one should take cheap flights to Harare that attracts visitors with its laidback charm.

Richard Stuart is a travel enthusiast who doesn’t differentiate between popular and overlooked destinations.  He recently boarded flights to Harare to discover this overlooked city. Here he gives valuable information about Harare travel.

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